Okay so, I'm not one to usually get all in the next person's personal relationship business and shit like that, but there's a few things I've been noticing lately.

I know a lot of people that jump from interest to interest and I don't see how people can do it. How can you spend 3 days straight talking/hanging out/getting to know ONE person and then all of a sudden not be interested or just cut off all ties? How can you cut off all ties with one person and move right to the NEXT almost simultaneously?

It's almost as if these people need somebody around. They NEED to feel some kind of attention and shit. I mean, the first stages of talking to somebody are always usually interesting. Why wouldn't it be nice getting to know somebody new and whatnot? But it irks me because there's people that are CONSTANTLY into something new. Like why? How does that help you or even the other person?

There's people who just "talk" to numerous people, not at a time, but like one after the other, and then there's people that "fall in love" with people right after each other. That's another story. To a point it's just dramatic and wanting attention, but when I think about it....do those people REALLY feel like they are in love? Do their partners REALLY think that it's love? Do their partners see how fast and quickly this person moves around?

I dunno, when you're the person on the outside lookin in, it's so noticeable.


Supastarrr said...

i never buy someone saying they're in love after 2weeks && a breakup. I just..can't.
&& Everyone surrounding those people know they're wrong too they're just scared to speak up

Chicky Love! said...

i know exactly how you feel about all of this its all crazy for real. i find it hard to believe you can fall in love so quick like that.

but myself i've been so wrapped up in some one over the past eh around 5 months that shit is so difficult especially if its a bad situation and you want to be a good one. that you become addicted too.

Lauren S said...

I'm afraid I've become this person. I used to be ok with not being interested in anyone for long periods of time but lately if I'm not texting a guy or making plans with someone, I feel neglected. I'm tryna get back to how I used to be it's so much healthier.

Your post was the wake-up call I needed. Keep doing what you do. It's good shit.