This video...just from LOOKING at the making of, makes me tear up. It's crazy because this is my favorite track on both the "ready" album and the "anticipation" mixtape. I think the song is wonderful, but I never imagined THIS coming out of it. I thought it would be another ladies banger and it would be another video pointed towards the ladies, if Trey even decided to MAKE a video to this song.

I think it's very emotional to see artists play out REAL LIFE occurring events. It takes a lot to step out of the normal mold that society has given us about hip hop/r&b artists and run with it.

Anyways, I really love Keri Hilson and Trey Songz to begin with and then for them to take the video to this extent makes me excited.

Big shouts to Pat over at dopescience.blogspot.com for posting this video first.


Supastarrr said...

they work so well together.
I wouldn't have expected this either
but it makes sense when I listen to the lyrics.
Great post!

iforgotmyname said...

video has been removed


SinfulLyo said...

wow. i actually really DIDN'T like this song. it's like the only song i constantly skipped but this video has me feeling differently. this was a beautiful depiction of what the black family should be [minus keri dying]. and mckenzie was a cute mess lol :]