So, as you may know Trina has been TRYING to poke her head back up into the game. Lemme give you the low down on the post, and then I'll throw my opinion in the end.

Trina and Lady Gaga got a track called "Let Them Hoes Fight".
Here's the link. Listen and lemme know what you think.

"Let Them Hoes Fight"

Personally, I think it's a good look for her to get a track with a name that's hot right now so that she can get back out into the game. If anybody could help her, Lady Gaga would be the one. I think the song is wack, to me.

Trina also dropped a video for one of her other songs, "That's My Attitude". I don't think she's in her element anymore. If she's not talking about havin an ass like the sun, a dick still inside, or some other derogatory shit like that...she's lost.

I think she's got competition in the female rap game with Nicki Minaj and I think that Minaj has all the "barbies" under control. There's no room for Trina.

Another thing...back during the "5 Star Chick (remix)" days, I thought Nicki was taking shots at Trina via her verse. "Ask lil' wayne who the five star bitch is" kinda sounds like it could just be her reppin Young Money...OR possibly a low blow to the Lil Wayne ex, Trina....Lemme know what you think.


Cris Copastetik said...

Id put it in Trina butt tho.

Erin :] said...

uhm , trinas good , but hmm ! idk lol

Sweetz said...

Okay so this is my SECOND time trying to post smh... I guess I tried to log in with the wrong ID LOL!

Now I was saying that I totally agree with you. First off the song "Let them Hoes fight" is straight up GARBAGE to me. Trina can do WAY betta than that!

Second as much as I hate the Barbie movement myself Nicki pretty much has the game on lock for now so Trina NEEDS to step her game up ASAP!

So Freakin Chic said...

omg whats the name of the cb song playing? i love it.

♚ снενy ℓα fℓαяε ۶ said...

IDK... I downloaded that new Trina&Lady Gaga shit but I personally didn't care for it. I'll keep it & listen to it in a month and it might grow up me lol. I personally did think that Nicki was taking a stab at Trina tho. I thought I was the only one! I love that song, but I always pause at that part.... IDK... Maybe Trina needs to shut that fake Barbie hoe down! Cause we all know Trina is cuter, so she's more of a Barbie than Nicki will ever be!

Keike Nicole said...

i agree.

trina has lost her talent. it's just not what's in anymore....times have changed from when she was on the rise with trick. even trick fell back.

downtwnfoxybrown said...

haven't listened to the song yet, i'm not sure if i plan to, but she looks very pretty in that pic! lol

Supastarrr said...

Trina needs to step it the FUCK up. I love her && all but that song w| Gaga...who the hell thought that was a good idea?? The "That's my Attitude" video was weak. she's never been strong talkin about anything but sex so she needs to step up or sit down @ this point.

SOLES and ADDICTS said...

i like LG but not Trina .