So, I think that I was driving twitter crazy with all these random ass music tweets....

I decided to compose this random ass blog post.

1. Ne-Yo you really need to sit your ass down. I feel like you fell off and maybe, just maybbbeeee you should stick to writing songs. Think on it.

2. Marques Houston. I'ma need you to sit down and quit poppin up with new wack tracks. Another thing, get your little friend Omarion offa ABDC. Thanks.

3. Chris, I can't wait until your mixtape drops tomorrow. That will be my best valentine's day gift, even though I'm still mad about you deleting your Twitter on my birthday. It'll be okay.

4. I kinda like Maino. I don't know if it's his weird ass voice or just I dunno, but he amuses me.

5. Who the fuck directed this We are the world bullshit? It's extreme garbage and Twitter now has the garbage juice all over my timeline AND the blogs I follow. Fuck.

6. I just heard Wacka Flocka for the first time. Jesus Christ who shot him and didn't take him out?!

7. Jason Derulo I like your lyrics, even if people do think you're gay.

8. Who is this? This new dude, Dubby or whatever the fuck his name is....I'm downloading his music, whoever he is, because I like his mixtape cover.

9. Cassidy always spits crack. Always has. He has bars for days.

10. Even though Fantasia can't read for shit, I like this song she released. She's got a powerful ass set of lungs.

11. I've always liked Lloyd. His southside song made me fall in love with his sessy ass. Anyways, if you don't love him, but haven't heard the Bedrock part 2, then you're slippin.

12. G5 the jett? He amuses me.

13. When is Christina Aguilera coming back? She's the illest. She really needs to get back into the industry.

14. Justin Beiber haters can you sit the fuck down. Obviously he's doing something right because he gots fans for days and hey, they play him on the all black radio stations. Kudos! That wasn't racist either, don't get your panties in a bunch, please.

15. Wiz Khalifa is coming to Omaha on March 9th.

Anyways, I'm tired of typing honestly.


Adina Renée. said...

lol @ this list, mad funny.