okay...i don't understand why this girl is so mad. is wale the only black rapper she listens to? i mean, i aint even seen the video or anything, but that's retarded.

she mentioned turning on bet tryna see black people, but isn't that like saying only white people should be on mtv? or vh1?

anyways, i don't think it's anybody's business what race ANYBODY has in their video, or photoshoot, or on their arm, ect.

nobody is saying anything to kanye about how he made a song with the line "gonna leave ya ass for a white girl" and then now has amber rose. smh. people are just....closed minded and shit.

i agree with many other bloggers when they said that there was more important things than race in a video.


Shantae said...

This bitch is dumb. Had the video been 99% black bitches she wouldn't of had shit to say. Black women need to get over themselves. Not everyone is sitting around playing the comparison game. Maybe this dude just prefers mixed/spanish chicks. Why is she crucifying him for that? Everyone is entitled to have their own preference. Smh. Let me stop here before I get all heated.