When people have everything in life that they need, or even just a few things to keep them afloat, people seem to forget about being thankful. People forget that some people don't have luxuries like the next person. People forget to show their gratitude for the blessings that have been shed upon them. Even I myself fail to overcome this obscurity.

I can't tell you how many times I complain to someone about what I DON'T have or what I can't WAIT to get. Ask me about how many times I VERBALLY express my gratitude about what I do have........ I can't even count on ONE hand the times I have. It's both a "slap across the face" and an awakening for me. How can people become so used to this life that they forget to be thankful?

This disgusts me. Now that I've had the change to go though something that to me was terrible, I feel THANKFUL to have gotten through the situation, but I also feel like shit because I let myself become so blind to the fact.

From now on....I hope that I can accurately keep in mind the things, people, and situations in my life and be grateful of them all. People cannot change what cards they are dealt and if you get a good hand, make sure to rejoice in that luck.


Cris Copastetik said...

Word 5.

triceee . said...

i agree with you there have been times where i complain about alot of the things i don't have, but i realize a long time ago that i'm lucky to even have what i got now its truly a blessing and i'm glad someone can relate as well..loved your post!

sumneeezy said...

I love your site! you're amazing! like, you're so talented with all this grapic arts stuff

Adina Renée. said...

real talk.