"so i reached down deep, ripped out my heart, and gave it to she"

Here's another BANGER from my homeboy Will Smooth.
Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (I'm Ready): Will Smooth Cover

If you don't like his lyrics, I really don't know WHAT'S wrong with you. The thing about Will is that, he comes so NATURALLY. There's nothing about Will that seems over-played, phony, or insincere. Every track he makes shows complete dedication and NOTHING less. You will NEVER see Will put out garbage that's half assed.

According to Will Smooth himself, there will be an extra verse when "Brain Tease" comes out in May. If you can't wait until May to hear more from him, I'll drop the link to "Eat Your Heart Out" again.

"Eat Your Heart Out" Mixtape"


Use the above links to hit Will up. Say "Was Goooooooooh" and make sure to let him know Audrey sent you!


Supastarrr said...

love it, nice cover!

Boi Genius said...

This was dope!