Sometimes in life you think you're complete until something better comes along. I met this Justin guy and I never thought that he would be someone that I went to for advice, someone that I talk to everyday, or even someone that I would call my Twin. Even though Justin lives way far away from me, I feel like he's one of the best friends I have ever had.

People tend to overlook the simple things in life, when they are busy searching for things they don't have. I try not to overlook people like Justin because he's been there for me since day ONE. I haven't known him that long, but Justin and I have already been through a few things that I think have helped us grow closer. I know that Justin will always have my back, and I will have his as well. He's taught me so much in the short span of knowing him, I hope that he can learn from me too. Friends that encourage you to prosper and actually TALK to you about serious things when you need them to talk, is rare.

I wish people like Justin were more abundant in this world. True, honest, friends that are serious about your friendship are hard to find. Cherish the people that you have and figure out what they're really worth because I thought I had good friends until my Twin came around. NOW, I know that I wouldn't trade him for anything.


Pablo said...

=D I feel like a big ass kid on the inside right now.

Alexis said...

aww that's sweet :)