So, I've been getting a lot of traffic. I've been postin different stuff lately. I wanr you guys to know that I don't try to be a music/celeb gossip blog. I try to use this space for the serious side of me, serious topics, and real shit. Don't get it confused. I throw posts up here about people I know, music that I dig, and ect. I just don't want this blog to get thrown into the wrong category. If you've recently followed this blog, tell me why you did. I wanna know what you guys want to see on this blog, and if you have anything you want me to blog about. I'd like to know. Make sure you drop a comment. You don't have to have a blogger account to drop a comment. If you comment and don't have a blogger account, make sure to drop a link to where I can reach you.

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triceee . said...

I love your blog audrey, it's different from all the others and you actually speak on serious issues in your life and just in general not just fashion and music, but keep up the good work :)