Now you should ALL know that I support Chris Brown to the fullest. I been a fan since the beginning. Ever since I seen him in the "Run It" video, there was always somethin about him that I liked, as a music artist. He wasn't hard on the eyes, either. Despite the whole Rihanna situation, I still dig him as an artist. I'm not going to discuss the situation, because it's all regurgitated bullshit that aint nobody's business, but his and hers.

ANYWAYS! I'm HYPE for Tyga and Chris' new mixtape that's coming out, called "Fan Of A Fan". It should be dope. The shit that's been dropped so far, in terms of tracks, have been dope. I like the direction Chris is going with this new stuff. So peep the recently released track called "Deuces". I think it's easily relable because people go through shit like this. It's not no lovey dovey type shit, but it isn't really a normal break up song.

I don't really know who the other random dude is, but...Whatevz.