So....like....7 hours ago I posted about how I took everyhting down off this blog. Well, AS YOU CAN SEE, it's back up and looking lovely. I spent all night working on it. I'm very proud of the way it turned out. I still need to do a blog roll, and some minor tweaks. If you have a blog and want me to put it on my blog rool, let me know. If you're a blogger and you know some wonderful blogs to share, let me know as well.

I'd like to say that I made th header for this blog and coded it all myself. I got the pictures from a Chris Brown fansite. The site buttons that you see on the left, I just google'd and found. I'm tryna give credit where credit is due, but I lost track between all the stress of fixing this shit back up.

Anyways, what I'm most hype about is the fact that I have a "contact me" sextion now. If you click over on the white button with an envelope on it, you will see what kind of magic I cooked up. Now...to some people it might not be THAT interesting, but this shit is rocking my world right now. So, feel free to rape my suggestion box with your comments.

Oh, and..... Happy Mother's Day, Everyone!

I give props to all the mothers who are taking care of children and playing both the mother and father role. I also want to take this time out to give shoutouts to the MEN who also play the mother role. Kudos to any parent who takes care of their seed and I hope you enjoy this special day!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Well that was FAST!! :) I love the header! & props to you for your contact buttons hahahaa <3 it all looks great :)