As you may know, if you are an avid reader of my blog or even talk to me at all, I am a HUGE Chris Brown fan. When I say huge....I really mean that I am a very dedicated fan who loves the qualities that Chris brings to the music world. Tonight on the BET Music Awards, Chris finally had the chance to pay respects to Michael Jackson. With the blessings of the Jackson family, Chris took the stage and KILLED it.

Chris also took home the Fandemonium award that #TEAMBREEZY, including myself helped to help him achieve. As a fan, I appreciate the fact that Chris hasn't stopped putting out music and doing what he loves just because of negative feedback. I hope that people can put the past in the past and look to see what Chris Brown has to offer as an artist. Everyone makes mistakes and I know that is not an excuse, BUT Chris Brown has been working his ass off and has a plethora of talent. Anyways, I'm glad that we can finally say that MJ has been done justice.


Supastarrr said...

he did waaaaay better than i expected. #TeamBreezy

Boi Genius said...

I truly believe he's back in full effect.
The emotions during Man in the Mirror helped him redeem himself in my opinion.