SO...I was going to shed some light on the Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj back and fourth that's going on, but I changed my mind. It's getting too messy. First Kim has a wig & supposedly that was a subliminal diss to Nicki, then Drake puts his nonsense in the mix, Kim takes the stage with Keys (the rapper who is most known for dissing Nicki Minaj), and then Kim does an interview speaking on the situation.

So, I'ma just leave it at that. What do YOU think about the whole situation?

Anyways, lemme update you on me real quick.

June 3rd, I ended my first official year of college. There's a lot of online projects that I'm hoping to be a part of. I applied for a second job. I hope to get on my Photoshop grind again. I really just want to have a really productive summer and enjoy it. I have a vacation coming up soon, so I'm excited for that. All in all, I've just really been busy as fuck.


Adina Renée. said...

congrats on the college thing, and i feel like nicki & kim shouldn't be compared, nicki isn't going to be "a legend" 15 years from now so she's just really irrelevant. kim isn't my favorite artist, but she did everything nicki is doing now, ten years ago.

Anonymous said...

hey love I awarded you on my blog :) & congrats on finishing your first year!! we both deserve pats on the back ahaha

Kassandra said...

I just hope that Kim comes back! haha..
and congrats on the college thing, love!

Boi Genius said...

As long as i don't hear Trina's name.
But nall, Kim has a point, but she's going about getting it across the wrong way. But 'What's Beef'? Promotion for both of them, so at the end of the day...Kim knows what she's doing.
I think Drake should have stayed out of it.