I was over on http://bpflive.com/ and I saw this video. It made me tear up.

Watching this video made me realize what some people really have to go through. They have to go through living life without their loved ones for days, months, and years. They have to change and be changed by life without their family, friends, and anbody close to them. There's people serving this country that we take for granted every day. It takes a lot of courage to leave your family behind to serve for another purpose.

I take pride in how much I appreciate what I have and the family that have active roles in my life, but after seeing this video, I don't think I appreciate them enough. There's children who have to grow up without fathers, wives who have to raise children without a partner, grandparents who have to see their grandchildren go away, and ect. All I can say is that this really opened my eyes because I know that I can do a better job of telling the people in my life what thye mean to me.