If you guys don't already know, I have a younger brother that I adore. He's probably my best friend and I enjoy having him in my life every single day. each day he grows older, I see more of this person in him that is great. He's such a smart, funny, and an all around DOPE individual. I want to expose the people who read my blog to his website. He's not into blogging as much as I am, but maybe if I get a few of you to read it and help encourage him, he can blog more. I would appreciate it.

Please visit http://www.soapinyoureyes.com/

And follow my little brother on Twitter, @JackJigsaw


Raeven Marie said...

Hello lady! I nominated you for a "Love Her Style" Award :)

SLR said...

nIcE bLoG!

check out my blog and tell
ur friends about it :-D

Gennny_fromtheblock said...

hey hun, i'm having a makeup sale on my blog so please feel free to check it out ;)