First of all, I want you to realize...this is someones MOTHER, GRANDMOTHER, SISTER, AUNT, ECT. Someone doing their fucking JOB. Someone who is trying to do right by the school, rules, bus, ect. Now why in the FUCK would you feel the need to talk back to a fucking bus driver? Because she told your retarded ass to sit down. You fuckin needed to sit down.

Thi shit pisses me off. He hit her more than what was necessary to get his point across. He didn't need to hit her to begin with, BUT he clearly went overboard. THis is the mess that makes you feel tough? That makes you feel big and bad? THE FUCK? If this really helps your street credentials, then you really are that wack.

I commend the other kids in the bus for not makin a huge scene and actually trying to stop this idiot, but all in all this shit is a mess.


Anonymous said...

society done lost its way a LONG time ago. these kids is outta control & if they dont get some real strict, structured discipline then it'll only get worse

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e. said...

thats ridiculous.. i hope he gets the same treatment... better yet i hope someone gets his ass real good... i guess this is what the world is coming to .