I have heard about Autumn (my ex-best friend) talking about me, asking about me, and being jealous about me since i stopped talking to her. It sucks, but it also helps me realize that shit sometimes doesn't change no matter what you think. Maybe things do change, though. I thought I was over it.

I dunno why I even asked my cousin to look, but I did. I had my cousin look at Autumn's page, since I can't see it, and tell me what it said about me. The shit sucks.... I kinda regret cutting the friendship all together, but she wasn't acting like a friend, so waht was I supposed to do?

Here's what her page says:
Audrey: I saved the Best for last! This is Audrey. She was my Bestie. We were the two most silliest best friends you'll ever know! We had the type of friendship where If I called her a Bitch, she called me a slut and it was all good. We eould make up random words and sayings. We'd fight, but we'd always get over it. We'd laugh at the dumbest stuff [[mostly things we do.]] We'd dance and sing like idiots. We'd take pictures alot! Even kodax couldn't capture all our memeories! We were the coolest Best Friends EVER!! I miss my bestie! You are the only other person who makes me laugh for no reason and you are the funnest person I know. I wish we were still close friends like old times, but people change. I'm Really going to miss you when you leave north. I hope you dont forget me.


secret love notes said...

It's easy to see why you would miss it Audrey, she was your best friend!
Maybe you guys just needed a break and can work things out. Just wait and see what happens, what it is, it was meant to be that way. :]

Shantae said...

People make mistakes, Audrey! It's an inevitable humane quality we all share. Everyone deserves a second chance ..maybe a third and fourth. There's a reason you miss that friendship; because it was a good one. People don't regret or reminisce about bad friends. Besides, most bonds that end on a bitter note or any note at all don't result in one party saying wonderful things about the other on their myspace page lol

I don't know the entirety of the situation but it sounds to me like you two should do some talking. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Friendships. They are such a pain in the rear end sometimes.

I'm not aware of the situation that happened with you guys, but I'd hate for you to regret it later on. If talking it out doesn't justify what happened, then I wish you the best luck with whatever you decide to do (:

Chicky Love! said...

something could come out of this you never know maybe you guys well become friend again hunnie.

Zay The Gr3at said...

whaddup thanks for the comment on my blog! i digg the page