SO, this video is hilarious. Actually, the video in itself isn't funny. It's Quadiir's whole persona and how he is just so blunt, and real, is what makes it funny. He makes a lot of good points in this video. One of the things that I would like to touch on is how people in relationships try to change their partner.

Why do people insist on changing for their partner? Or better yet, why do people insist on trying to change their partner? It's makes me salty because that's not how it should be at all. What I don't get is, if you don't like how the person is, why would you want them in your life? If you cannot stand the person, why would you take time and effort to change them? If you think that they have a stank ass attitude, WHY would you put up with it? Instead of misleading emotions and trying to mold someone into something else, you should just leave it alone.

There's people who go through things with their partners on occasion, and that's a part of a relationship, but if you constantly fight and are never happy, don't you think it should just be time to let it go?


Anonymous said...

i cudnt get past the 1st 5 seconds...soon as i saw that tight ass shirt!!

Anonymous said...

he is too funnyyy

Maddie Madd said...

ummm...this could be a repeat of the rick ross velvet, but I'm gonna try to be lil mature with this one. If it wasn't for all the theatrics, he did speak some real truth.

Carter said...

HeShe gotta booty chin lmao couldnt watch it

Ginger said...

we talked about this already so you know how i feel about it. people just suck. lol