A lot of things have been happening lately that make me really sit back and look at how society is. I've gotten into a few "squabbles" during the last few weeks about people on Twitter who throw around racial slurs and whatnot. To each is own, but whatever. That's not what this post is about.

I read my homeboy's blog yesterday and it made me think more on certain situations that have to do with color. I have been thinking about this already, but he made me want to actually blog about this topic.

Do black women always get mad when a white woman is with a black man? Now, I have dealt with this in some situations, but I don't want this to be personal to what I've been through. I really just want to understand how other races think about this. I know it happens, so basically what I'm asking is WHY and if EVERY black females thinks the same way. If so, why? Why is it a big deal if a white woman dates a black man and are they angry, jealous, saddened, or humiliated? What emotion REALLY is caused by this? Are you angry at the chick or the dude?...Both? Help me understand this issue.

I also notice that it's different when it comes to other races. My homegirl Laren notices the same thing too. Like why are you feelin some type of way about a white chick, but you don't about a hispanic or asian girl? Or DO YOU? I guess I just don't notice it as much if it is that way. It could possibly be because I am white and...i guess I just don't see it as much.

In a sense, this is also what gay/lesbian people go through. So, can you be a black female who supports gays and still not like an inter-racial relationship?

On the opposite hand, do white females get angry when they see a white man with a black woman? I personally don't, but I want to know what other people think. I don't really hear about relationships getting knocked when it's a black woman and a white man.

It's 2010 and we still have issues like this. I'm just trying to understand why the world is still feeling certain ways about situations like this.


"so i reached down deep, ripped out my heart, and gave it to she"

Here's another BANGER from my homeboy Will Smooth.
Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (I'm Ready): Will Smooth Cover

If you don't like his lyrics, I really don't know WHAT'S wrong with you. The thing about Will is that, he comes so NATURALLY. There's nothing about Will that seems over-played, phony, or insincere. Every track he makes shows complete dedication and NOTHING less. You will NEVER see Will put out garbage that's half assed.

According to Will Smooth himself, there will be an extra verse when "Brain Tease" comes out in May. If you can't wait until May to hear more from him, I'll drop the link to "Eat Your Heart Out" again.

"Eat Your Heart Out" Mixtape"


Use the above links to hit Will up. Say "Was Goooooooooh" and make sure to let him know Audrey sent you!



When people have everything in life that they need, or even just a few things to keep them afloat, people seem to forget about being thankful. People forget that some people don't have luxuries like the next person. People forget to show their gratitude for the blessings that have been shed upon them. Even I myself fail to overcome this obscurity.

I can't tell you how many times I complain to someone about what I DON'T have or what I can't WAIT to get. Ask me about how many times I VERBALLY express my gratitude about what I do have........ I can't even count on ONE hand the times I have. It's both a "slap across the face" and an awakening for me. How can people become so used to this life that they forget to be thankful?

This disgusts me. Now that I've had the change to go though something that to me was terrible, I feel THANKFUL to have gotten through the situation, but I also feel like shit because I let myself become so blind to the fact.

From now on....I hope that I can accurately keep in mind the things, people, and situations in my life and be grateful of them all. People cannot change what cards they are dealt and if you get a good hand, make sure to rejoice in that luck.



So, this is AO. He's an up-and-coming emcee from the California 760, or what they call it, the high desert. He's also the dude that made the "Indigo Vanity" song. What you've peeped up above is his new video. Tell me what you think about the video.

I actually like the video for what it's worth. Sometimes when you're not familiar with things, you become uninterested. Sometimes I become "uninterested" music like this because I can't relate, but AO always finds a way to keep me on my toes. I feel like AO has what it takes to make it with what he does with his craft. He's honest, humble, talented, and easy going. He goes that extra mile for whatever he needs to do.

When I first met AO, I thought he was weird because he was trying to get my address to send me his CD. Finally, I gave him my address and I received a hard copy of his CD. This made me respect AO more because I've never had somebody do that. I've never had somebody want to PUSH their music in the way that he does. He easily could have sent me a download link and called it a day.

I commend AO and what he does. He shows me that there is still grounded artists out there and there are still people who can still be humble.

Download AO's mixtape: AO- Twnety 3rd Moment

Twitter AO: http://twitter.com/AO760

Myspace AO: http://www.myspace.com/ao760



Now, I know I've done my homeboy J. Add wrong in the past because he's had to BEG, remind, and mention his music to me TOO MANY times to count. That was a bad friend on my part, BUT I'm here to save the day and FINALLY shed light on my homeboy for you guys.

This is J. Add, comin straight out the 760. When you think of California, you think the jerkin movement, but J. Add has a different style. He's about real hip hop and keepin it HIMSELF. I've never felt like he was fakin the funk when I heard his music.

J. Add- Always Be My Baby

This is a new track by J. Add, sampling a Mariah Carey joint. Download it and tell me what you think. I personally love it.



So yeah. If you're here and you're wondering why it looks like trash....that's why.