Yo. I had a rough day and a rough last few days, but THIS has got to be the funniest shit. I promise this man is hilarious.



1. Everyone blogs about the same shit. It's annoying as fuck.
2. The internet is boring as shit. Seriously.
3. Kat Stacks and Soulja Boy should stop being talked about. They're both dumbasses.
4. Men lie.....So do women.
5. Adobe helped me steal their own programs.
6. I start sophomore college classes this Monday.
7. I bought my little brother a blackberry.
8. ...and upgraded mine.
9. I haven't seen Takers yet...and I'm mad about it.
10. Trey Songz has been on HEAVY rotation lately.
11. I still need to throw some music reviews, blog roll, and a new header on here...
12. Oh yeah! If you are my friend on Facebook you already know, but I have dark hair no. No more pink.



I wonder if it takes more energy for someone to be phony with their feelings than it does to just be real. More and more times than anything else I feel like people are phony and don't even make an attempt to keep things honest. This happens in every kind of interaction between two people. Friendships, relationships, co-workers. There's very little honestly in the human population period. I don't understand why. Maybe someone reading this can enlighten me on why lying, or bending the truth is an avid act of peoples nature these days, but I cannot suffice a legit excuse at this point in time.

I've been getting back into posting music on here. I know I said I wanted to stray from this, BUT it seems like that's all I have time for lately. I hope that with school starting on the 30th, that I can have more material to pour out onto the site. I want to post more opinionated things and more posts that make you think. I know there's already so many music/celebrity blogs out there. It's monotonous. I also plan on putting a blog roll and a new header soon. You all know how much of a procrastinator I am....I'm working on that!



These two men are brilliant :)



Trey R of Baltimore drops heat. This joint been out for a minute, but I just haven't got around to posting it. Do yourself a favor and download the track.

Trey R. - Look Up




Here's the full version you've been waiting for.



I been a little busy, BUT I guess it's only right that I write my review for “Nightmare On Squares Street” on Friday the 13th.

On August 3rd, Da A$tronautz dropped their newest mixtape entitled “Nightmare On Squares Street”. Hailing from Jackson, Mississippi, Sir Flywalker, who actually makes beats and produces, & Co$ign bring a different approach to music. In my opinion, it's hard to find a rap group who can have fun with their music, while still being creative, innovative, and intelligent. I'm not even gassin the group just because Flywalker is my homie. This is my honest opinion. I would honestly BUMP this music, even if I didn't associate with either one of these dudes outside of the music. With that being said, here's MY review of the “Nightmare On Squares Street” mixtape.


1. Intro.

2. Welcome Mat – Beat is fire. Both verses are on point. I always like songs that I can just listen to over and over and not get tired of it. This song is one of those. Everything about this song is catchy. Co$ign's delivery is on point and Flywalker always delivers so effortlessly you can't be disappointed.

3. Back Row – When rappers speak on how “fly” they are and shit, usually it's annoying. When you can visually, lyrically, and metaphorically see how fly the rapper(s) is/are it's a whole different story. This song is definitely a head-nodder. Period.

4. Bitch I'm.

5. Cool – This track isn't bad, but I don't smoke anymore, so it's kind of monotonous to me. Smokin songs just don't keep my attention anymore, but I don't hate this song. The beat change in the middle of the song is dope as fuck.

6. Wake Up – For some reason I don't have this track in my folder. I might have accidentally deleted it. *OOPS FACE*

7. Sleepin – No explanation, this track is just dope. Both rappers deliver. I wasn't left unsatisfied. 2 minutes and 47 seconds of greatness.

8. Hipsters – The intro to this song is beyond funny. The beat is dope as fuck. Lyrics are on point. There's no way that you can say anything wack about this track. This is one of my favorite tracks.

9. Denial.

10. DJ Dow Jones Speaks.

11. Impala Seats – I love this track. I love Co$ign on this track. If you haven't seen the video for this track, click HERE.

12. Party – For some reason this doesn't even sound like Da A$tronautz. I love this track. It's so different , yet enjoyable. I don't drink and “party”, but I digs this track. I actually think HBZ, who's featured on the track, stole the shine from the Nautz. Pure dopery!

13. Runnin Late.

14. Told You So – I don't know if the beat was sampled or not, BUT I love the fuck outta this shit. Referencing to sneakers, Nike, or shoe boxes doesn't lose any points, neither. This is just a laid back cool ass track about how these two dudes are puttin in work and aren't letting anyone down talk their hustle. I digs it. Sir Flywalker and Co$ign KILLED this track. It's my favorite on the tape.

15. Lemonade 4 Sale.

16. In The Club – This song is humorous and true. Females always try to deny the fact, but Da A$tronautz tell it like it is.

17. Wright Brothers.

18. Peace & Hair Grease – Dope beat. Dope concept.

Don't sleep on these dudes. With Co$ign's outgoing delivery and Sir Flywalker's intellectual concepts and metaphors, they're worth talking about. Feel free to hit em up so that you can be in the know. Squares beware!






Will Smooth spices up your 13th with this BMF track. Will Smooth is now Freddy Krueger. WATCH YO GIRL!

Will Smooth - BMF (Freddy Krueger)



This is actually a teaser for what's to come. Maxine Ashley and Will Smooth cover Alicia Keys' "Unthinkable" with a twist. Will Smooth is overly creative and Maxine is beyond beautiful with an amazing voice.

Come back to this blog on August 16th, which is Monday, the entire video will be available to view and download. Until then, go hit up Will Smooth & Maxine Ashley on Twitter.




A lot of people use "I'm a product of my environment" as an excuse for both negative and positive situations. I don't know which is more prevalent, but is it true? Let's say you grow up in the hood, had to struggle for whatever you have, and worked hard to get it. So...wouldn't that mean you're environment made you a strong person with a level-head? I mean, this isn't always true, BUT I feel like that's what a person would get out of that situation. So....how come if someone gets caught up, goes to jail, or fails...they use the "P.O.M.E" excuse? You're reasoning should be because you made a mistake.

Okay, another example....You lived in an abusive household, watched your parents be abusive...so that's why you are fighting at school, or hitting on your significant other? I mean....doesn't that sound backwards? People really say that shit. It's a cop out. I don't walk out and say "Oh...I live in a single-parent household where I struggle every day for what I got, so I...". I DO live in a single-parent household and I DO go through struggles EVERY SINGLE DAY, not that the next person doesn't, but this is my environment. And guess what? I'm a sophomore in college, I have a job, and I work for EVERYTHING that I own and I provide for my family all at 19 years old. Now tell me how that works? I'll never use my environment as an excuse for what I have, don't have, how I act, or how I'm not acting.

I think some of you should wake up and realize that you can only use that excuse for so long...and then people aren't going to let it suffice anymore.




The homies @Co_Sign & @Sir_Flywalker did it again. Don't sleep.

Hit em up on Twitter. @daAstronautZ