I never heard of her until....now, but she keeps it too real!


The video for Ciara's third single "Speechless" dropped today. I hadn't heard this song until now, but I also haven't really been checkin for CiCi either.

I actually like the song and video. I think it's sexy without goin all out like she did in the "Ride" video. Ciara has a very sensual feeling about her, even though I don't find her EXTREMELY sexy. She has sex appeal. The video is nice. It's toned down, yet still sexy and worth-watching.

Her album drops November 2nd.


Well, Kanye tweeted that he didn't know when he was going to drop his album today. That'll keep the Ye heads waitin. There is a leaked track, though. I'm still undecided if I like it or not, but I'm not a huge fan of his.

Kanye West - "Lost In The World" || DOWNLOAD

Jeezy's "The Last Laugh" tape dropped as well. This is where the recent leaks have been coming from. Haven't listened yet, but I liked the leaks so we'll see.

Young Jeezy - "The Last Laugh" Mixtape || DOWNLOAD

Mac Miller dropped an interview for THISIS50.COM. Check it out.

Lastly, Rihanna attended an after party of Drake's. After the big deal he made about her, the verse in "Fireworks" and all the extra he did, I wonder how they are now.

First them hugging at the VMA's and now this? She does however look a lot happier than she has in other photos with her whatever he is Matt Kemp.



Chris brown did a USTREAM session yesterday night. I didn't get to peep, but he dropped a lot of info about a lot of upcoming projects he has and such. He also dropped some songs. I don't know if they are off of a mixtape or his album, though.

Chris Brown - "Sweetheart"

Chris Brown - "ALl Off"

I like both tracks. The first one has a little bit of a reggae feel, it's dope. The second one is a little like the Chris I love, but at the same time sounds like stuff he's already done. Better safe than sorry, I suppose. I think this track will be on the album, though.


Today Rihanna released the album art work for her fifth studio album entitled "Loud". I don't know how I feel about the art work. I like it, but it could have been more. I really like red hair, though. A lot of people are saying they don't like it on her. Maybe they just don't like the way her trashy wig looks on her. Whatever the case may be, this is the art work.

The album is supposed to drop mid-November.



Today there has been a lot of music movement. Legoooo!

ONE. Singer Lloyd who recently signed to Zone 4 did a track with 50 cent. I personally don't understand the reasonsing for 50 being on this track because who the fuck is 50 nowadays? But, there's supposedly a lot of controversey around the collab since Lloyd's move to the new label. I dig the track, though.

Lloyd feat. 50 cent - "Let's Get It In" || DOWNLOAD

TWO Jeezy is hypin up TM103. I'm lovin this track. It's dope. Jeezy is one of my favorite rappers, so we'll see what happens. I wasn't a fan of the last mixtape, though.

Young Jeezy - "Amen" || DOWNLOAD

THREE. Chris Brown has been all over the place lately. He did numbers with the "Takers" movie, blazin charts with "Deuces", and recently dropped a pop track to keep his music relevant. I'm a huge supporter of Chris Brown and have been since day one. I don't however like his recent pop track. I like the R&B Chris. So, if you're looking for the recent dropped track, you won't find it here. What you will find is a clip of Chris Brown's USTREAM session he did today. He discusses his new album, the "Deuces" remix that will feature certain artists, and also mentions a tour. Watch the clip below, thanks to THISISBUCKWILD.COM.

FOUR. Everyone has been speakin about the new Weezy album. It dropped today. I haven't listened to it, yet. From the leaks that have came out, I think it'll be nice. I'm not a fan of the "rock" Wayne. I think that shits a mess, but check it out.

Lil Wayne - "I Am Not A Human Being" || DOWNLOAD

FIVE. My homie J. Add, comin straight out of California, dropped a new track. Listen and download below.

J. Add - "Mr. Solo Dolo" || DOWNLOAD




My homie Will Smooth has been on a little unexpected hiatus because of some issues, but that's neither here nor there. The track isn't new, but the video is!

"Iced Tea Lemonade" Video

You're hearin' it first!
Colby O'Donnis, Phreshy, and Will Smooth did a nice little track called "Text from My Ex". It's a dope, catchy song, and is expected to create some nice buzz. I enjoy the song, and I hope you do too.

"Text From My Ex"


"Text From My Ex" || DOWNLOAD

Will Smooth || TWITTER

Phreshy || TWITTER

You can also peep the interview Will Smooth did with me from a few months back.



Lately I been slippin on droppin music on the blog. I don't want to turn the blog into a music related site, but when I feel like I should spread the word of artists who are gettin their hustle on, I make sure to do so.

Da U Boys - Pick it Back Up || DOWNLOAD

Maine Event - I Know The Future || DOWNLOAD

Maine Event - Sometimes || DOWNLOAD



Sometimes you forget the happiness you have in life. When you're in a hard situation, you forget that you have friends, family, favorite songs, jokes, and even just waking up each day to be thankful for. Its hard to not be selfish in tough situations, but you have to think positively. Usually we forget that most of us are more blessed than many people. We take things for granted. And people. We never really realize how happy people make us until their no longer present.

I've realized that us, people as a whole, depend on too many other things or people to make ourselves happy. If everyone is so independent, strong-willed, and carefree like they claim, then why is it so hard for us to make OURSELVES happy on our OWN? The relevance of things that we put on a "holier than thou" pedestal is astonishing. Why though?

I really think that everyone is too materialistic and driven by other peoples' ideas and emotions. I think people should live for themselves and really just make their life better. Stop depending on other people to bring satisfaction to your life.





I've never felt this type of hurt ever. How did I let myself get too caught up in the moment. I've never felt so low and unimportant. Its like this was the band aid that covered the hurt from before, and the band aid got torn off too soon. So now its even worse. Its sore and painful and almost unbearable. I don't know how I let it get this far, this fast....but it happened. Now I feel humiliated because I kept it all the way real and I thought I was getting real back. I wasn't. And this hurts.

I wrote that about a week ago.

Today I had to come to the realization that I shouldn't feel that way. It really doesn't matter the situation at all, you're happiness should never be stripped from you. You should never LET a situation even commence to overpowering you of your own emotions. Only one person should be in charge of how they feel. People may influence your emotions and situations may make you feel some type of way, but nothing should ever make you so unhappy that you feel lost and unhopeful. never hold on to false hopes, never look to a light that's not there, never let someone or something control you. It's hard when you're vulnerable, but you have to love yourself and treat yourself with the true definition of respect because nobody else will...


McFly - Miss Me.

Just download the fire. Thanks. :)

McFly - Miss Me.



SO! As a spur of the moment, middle of the night project, I decided that I was going to switch up my blog. I like it a lot. I think it's real simple and I've been really into Trey Songz lately. I don't know if it's just the situation I'm in, or if I've just been in a Trey Songz zone. Whatever the case may be, there's a new look to my blog. Tell me what you think about it. The whole "passion, pain & pleasure" theme derives from Trey's recent single "Can't Be Friends" and his album that drops in September. Below is the actual song that I cannot stop playing.

I also FINALLY added the blog roll to the side. For the most part, I think I got the blogs on there that I frequent the most. If there's another blog on there that i've missed, drop me a comment and let me know.

I'm happy that I finally accomplished this because God knows that I have been procrastinating my ASS off about doing it.

I'm tired as fuck now. All this fuckin computer screen lookin I been doin.....



This is a late review because I've been runnin around doin my thing, but THIS man's voice is a breath of fresh air. He's a songwriter and singer deriving from Harlem, New York. This is also his first mixtape.

You've got R&B singers who are wrapped in auto tune and who just don't add anything heartfelt to their music, but Lovel James adds something more. Not only are the songs catchy, but it's something that people can relate to, for the most part. Love and emotions is a stage that people go through at one point in their life, and this singer keeps it all the way real. I hope he forgives me on not doing this review earlier, though.

"Out Of Town", "Cocoon", the interlude, the intro, "All The Time", "Downlow (Remix)" and the outro, and the "Downlow (A. Pryce Mix) are all songs that I love.

Lovel also dropped a video for his "Downlow" track.

Click HERE to download the "Birth Of Love" mixtape now.



If you didn't already know, Big Sean is my favorite rapper. We won't go into anything serious with my fanatic ass about him, BUT...his recent highly anticipated mixtape FINALLY dropped and made commotion in the music ocean. Just listen if you haven't already.

Big Sean - Finally Famous Vol. 3 Mixtape