Christopher Martin-Schloss.

It's funny where you meet people. Twitter is the last place that I thought I would meet someone who has drive like this dude. I first met Chris and he was roastin and actin goofy on Twitter. I didn't know much about him at all until I added him to my BBM. He told me about soccer and this is what he had to say...

"It all started from kicking a around a plastic bottle filled with dirt, playing wit coconuts, from a tennis ball and then to an actual soccer ball..for most of you who are wondering who I am ..well stop wondering. Hi my name is Christopher Wade Martin-Schloss, im 18 years of age and i reside in Brooklyn Ny. Im a young talented soccer player with alot of room for more development so you do the math . I started taking the sport seriously at the age of 12/13 when I was encouraged by some of my follow classmates and friends when they used to watch me play soccer at recess at the high school I went to. So afer i was encouraged for months I decided to get serious and join a team all this happened when I use to reside in barbados..( p.s i wasnt born there i was educated there and lived there the better part of my life) but anyhow when i decided to join a team i joined one of the most famous youth clubs in barbados and it goes by the name of "Barbados Soccer Accademy" . It wasnt a bad club but its full of favorites and the team had no chemistry so their consistency was off and on. I always used to go to alot of training sessions worked hard and never got playing time they always used to bench me. Other players would laugh and discouarge me etc but i didnt care because it made me a better person and player ..i took it as constructive critism.
while on the other hand some would tell me not to give up .but after joining the club i got to played three matches before the season finished but i had already made up my mind i would transfer so when the coach saw me played and scored goals he was amazed but word got to him i was already leaving the club so he was trying his hest to keep me there etc. after that season I transferred to a club in my community called "Gall Hill" where the coach was like a family member to us and he helped me step my game up where the club was small but was sucessful. After one season with them i started another season but i left in the middle of it because it was time for me to move back to america and try to further my knowledge and career with soccer. and former players from the other club started disliking me and telling me I wont make it and a whole bunch of garbage.when i came my mother had already looked up for a team and everything so once i got here and settled in I can proceed with the club. So I came got invovled with the club etc and happened to build a chemistry with the coaches and players. first time I played with them we won some tournaments and lost some but at the end of the day everythin was acceptable.So as i grew into the club i gained leadership skills and more playing skills which made me the team captain .so being appointed as team captain i gained more confidence and took the sport to a next level. Couple months ago i met with a guy i wont disclose his name. but he has manged me helped me getting into colleges and trials with pro teams etc. when those former teammates got the word im making progress they all tryna be on my good side and start praising me up so i can help them out but it int happening .
in the summer im set to go trials for 3 professional teams but i won disclose where either . but hopefully if i dont make the teams where im set to go trials i would just settle for college soccer and i would love to disclose the name of the college thats intrested in me but i cant sorry folks. (p.s if i made pro i would of still gone to college but just to study) but basically thats how its all started and hopefully when I do make progress in my career I hope I can be able to blog here again .But if theres anything you would like to find out I out my social sites info below ....
yoou may want to follow me on twitter lol you wont regret it "

Chris has ambition and drive like I've never seen in someone before. I wish him the best in whatever he does.

FaceBook: Christopher Martin-Schloss
Twitter : www.twitter.com/teatimegon3wild


So, since my homie Trey posted another Trey Songz video on his blog and I watched it, I'm going to share one with you guys as well. I love Trey Songz voice live. I like his adlibs and harmonies and shit. It's almost better than recorded to me. Not to mention I feel like he's sexy as FUCKKKK. :)

Oh yeah, and stop by my homie's blog.



My homeboy Trey has been on my blog a few times. I support him and his music. He's a down to earth dude who has POTENTIAL and I'm not just sayin that because I know him. He really is lyrically inclined. So, take a peep at the video he dropped today.

I love this!



So, this chick has been stirrin up tons of commotion lately.

I give her props because she has caused a scene, and she may get the shine she wants. I don't care neither here nor there, though. Nicki Minaj is a retard and this Keys...I dunno. She's got bars, but...can we not use em to focus on this Minaj rat, please.



So, I don't have a serious love for this girl, but I don't hate her either. This clip did make my day, however.

Now, let's get to my husband. *wipes forehead. Chris killed it.

My mans chris said "got them tig ol bitties, if they pretty pull em out"

I'm hype for the new Fan Of A Fan tape that Chris and Tyga got comin out though.



If you don't know Big Sean, please feel free to slap yourself in the face...NOW.

Anyways, I'm a big fan of Sean and I'm THRILLED that he's startin to begin to get more and more recognized by the people. He deserves to NOT be slept on. I can't wait for his album to drop. Until then I'll keep bumpin his mixtapes and shit. I'm gonna try to use these EZO Mag pics, but they are tagged. So, you might see a fresh new design up later this week or next week.


Sorry I've been MIA, my lovely readers. I know I have some stuff that I was supposed to post up here, and some stuff that I still am going to post, and hopefully I'll be thinking up some new stuff to write about. I've just been really busy. School and work has really been kicking my ass. It's midterms right now at my university, since I go to a trimester university. I've just been trying to stay on top of it and keep up with work. Hopefully everyone is doing good and staying up.

Don't stop reading! I'm still here, just....less of me. I hope to change that soon, though. I'll leave you with a video. I love it.

Chris Brown is like walking orgasms to me. *shrugs



Sometimes in life you think you're complete until something better comes along. I met this Justin guy and I never thought that he would be someone that I went to for advice, someone that I talk to everyday, or even someone that I would call my Twin. Even though Justin lives way far away from me, I feel like he's one of the best friends I have ever had.

People tend to overlook the simple things in life, when they are busy searching for things they don't have. I try not to overlook people like Justin because he's been there for me since day ONE. I haven't known him that long, but Justin and I have already been through a few things that I think have helped us grow closer. I know that Justin will always have my back, and I will have his as well. He's taught me so much in the short span of knowing him, I hope that he can learn from me too. Friends that encourage you to prosper and actually TALK to you about serious things when you need them to talk, is rare.

I wish people like Justin were more abundant in this world. True, honest, friends that are serious about your friendship are hard to find. Cherish the people that you have and figure out what they're really worth because I thought I had good friends until my Twin came around. NOW, I know that I wouldn't trade him for anything.



So, I've been getting a lot of traffic. I've been postin different stuff lately. I wanr you guys to know that I don't try to be a music/celeb gossip blog. I try to use this space for the serious side of me, serious topics, and real shit. Don't get it confused. I throw posts up here about people I know, music that I dig, and ect. I just don't want this blog to get thrown into the wrong category. If you've recently followed this blog, tell me why you did. I wanna know what you guys want to see on this blog, and if you have anything you want me to blog about. I'd like to know. Make sure you drop a comment. You don't have to have a blogger account to drop a comment. If you comment and don't have a blogger account, make sure to drop a link to where I can reach you.

Find me:

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Sometimes is takes someone to inadvertently laugh in your face or at a situation you're a part of, for you to truly understand how someone constitutes the way you feel compared to themselves.

I've been having this struggle within myself lately. I've always had this struggle that I can't shake. The way I want to express myself doesn't "fit" with the people around me. I can't tell my mother I'm in love with a female because she doesn't accept bisexuality. I can't tell her that I recently got a tattoo that made me feel complete, because she doesn't approve. I can't tell her the black dude I'm interested....she doesn't approve.

What can I do? I feel like I'm in this box. This box that I can't get out of. I can't find the exit and its like its slowly filling up with water. I think this is the most unhappiest time I've had in my life...ever. There's so many great opportunities for me right now, but because I can't creatively express myself I really don't care about any of it.

How do you get passed a stage like this in your life? Even the strongest people around you can make it seem like the hardest task to overcome.

I've recently realized that people don't care about you or your feelings. They don't care how you end up feeling in the long run, if it doesn't benefit themselves. And that's the truth.

This isn't a cry for help nor is it a post to get attention. It's just how I honestly feel.



I know I post Will Smooth often, but I do it because the stuff he's been gifting me has been a drug. I did one line and can't shake it now. Like I've said before, Will Smooth isn't a dry character AT ALL and you can see that through his music.

Here to drop you some EXCLUSIVES that aren't out ANYWHERE yet, is I! WAS GOOOOH!

This first joint is so smooth. I love it. I can't stop playing it. I love Lloyd's voice first of all and Will Smooth on the joint is what tops it all off. Take a listen.
"I Can Be More"- Lloyd, J. Holiday, & Will Smooth.

Here's the second leak from Will Smooth.
"I Can't"- Mario & Will Smooth.