I was recently featured on my homie Trey's blog for being a sneaker enthusiast. Go peep his blog to read about me.



SO, my little brother put me onto this song first of all. It's a nice song. I don't really listen to a whole lot of Eminem or Paramore, but I can dig the song. Anyway, I found this chick on Youtube and she can BLOW. Like...she can blow somethin serious. She adds her own little spin to every song that I heard her sing. She even did her remix to Young Money's "Bedrock". She's a beautiful girl too. Peep the song, though.

B.O.B, Hayley Williams, & Eminem - Airplanes (sung by Lisa Scinta).

She's dope as fuck. I haven't found any new talent on Youtube in a minute. I'm happy that I ran across her.

Oh! and hit up my little brother, who has very dope taste in music and he's hella funny.




So...I know I didn't speak much on the whole Chris Brown & Tyga mixtape drop, but that's because everyone else and their mother did. If you know me at all, you know that I'm a hardcore Chris Brown fan. I have been since day 1 of his career. Despite everything that's been circulated around his name, I'm still a fan of the music. Hopefully in time, people can learn to notice the mistakes, but to also let them ride out. Anyways, I won't speak too much on that. What I will speak on is the drops of two videos from the "Fan Of A Fan" mixtape.

1. Tyga & Chris Brown featuring Kevin McCall - "Deuces"

I really like the concept of the video. The black and white is nice. Chris Brown's dancing is different, but nice. The chick was bad. Tyga, Chris, and Kevin's verses on the song are all dope. It's actually my favorite song off the mixtape and I'm glad that they put out a video for it. My favorite part of the video is when they are walking down the alley. It was a nicely done video. What I didn't understand was the song and the video just didn't connect for me. They did something different, but why was the girl just walkin around? I'm just confused on the whole thing, but I like the video overall. Sidenote: Who is this Kevin McCall character?

2. Chris Brown - "No Bullshit"

This video? I love everything about it. The song was already previously dropped before the "Fan Of A Fan" mixtape, so the song isn't new to me. The song reminds me of his earlier albums, and that's where I like Chris at the most. The video is very sexy. I like how the video is sexy, but not overly sexy. Well...it's overly sexy, but the whole thing isn't just SEX. It has him dancing and whatnot as well. A lot of people will compare it to the Trey Songz joint, but really I think they're two completely separate types of videos. There's always been this issue that people talk about where Chris doesn't kiss the girls in his video and he still didn't put a whole lot of emphasis on the kissing scene. I think there was like a two second scene of them actually kissing. The rest was gropin, touchin, rubbin, lickin, ect. The lighting was sexy, the dancing on the roof was sexy, Chris looked good, the video chick looked good. I loved this video. It makes me love him more.

I think Colin Tilley did a wonderful job on both joints. Lemme know what you think.



Whatever he's doin....He's sexy doin it.



I personally think that THIS case was a shoe to shoe imperfection. Not every shoe is going to come out top notch. Not every shoe is gonna be top of the shelf. Unfortunately, that's just life. You have to take certain measures to fix those types of issues. I think it is sad that the Jordan brand is having issues on their 25th anniversary releases. As a sneakerhead, someone who LIVES this shit, it really disgusts me and makes me not want to waste my cash on what heat Jordan releases.

The all white 9's that I copped creased after one wear. ONE.

All in all, I hope that Jordan takes these unsatisfied customers and really steps up the make of their sneaks. People are still going to buy into the hype, are still going to buy what's hot, and are still going to put their money into the Jordan brand. Like dude in the video said, 10 years ago, shoes weren't made like this. There's a lot of things that aren't made the same as 10 years ago. There's a lot of shit that comes out being bullshit, but that's what happens when time changes. That's nothing that we can change.



Maaaaan. So alla yall was hypin me on this Jeezy tape that dropped. Trap Or Die 2? Bug$y's mixtape shits on Jeezy's tape. Everything on the tape is nice. The tape was on Datpiff's daily top 8 as well. So, I aint the only one hypin the mixtape.

Here's the links. Click em and go! Don't say I didn't put you on no hot shit.

No More Leaked Doors - THE MIXTAPE


My mans Gregg speaks truth in everything he writes. I promise you he aint never gonna sell out on no weak shit. He'll stay grindin for his son and himself. That's the word. Peep his "Unthinkabke" cover.

Gregg's Youtube.

Download the new mixtape and the old ones as well right HERE.


My homies make dope music. PERIOD. I wouldn't even fuck with wack shit, and I been ridin with the A$troNautz for a MINUTE. Comin from Mississippi, you'd think their music would sound different, but it's ILL. I love it.

Download their latest mixtape, and don't even HESITATE to click the link because you'll LOVE it.

The Book Of A$stronomy.

Hit up the Nautz, themselves.


Don't sleep on good music. My favorite tracks are "Store Run", "Clouds Can Tell", "Cloud Surfing", and "Cousin Of Death".


Now you should ALL know that I support Chris Brown to the fullest. I been a fan since the beginning. Ever since I seen him in the "Run It" video, there was always somethin about him that I liked, as a music artist. He wasn't hard on the eyes, either. Despite the whole Rihanna situation, I still dig him as an artist. I'm not going to discuss the situation, because it's all regurgitated bullshit that aint nobody's business, but his and hers.

ANYWAYS! I'm HYPE for Tyga and Chris' new mixtape that's coming out, called "Fan Of A Fan". It should be dope. The shit that's been dropped so far, in terms of tracks, have been dope. I like the direction Chris is going with this new stuff. So peep the recently released track called "Deuces". I think it's easily relable because people go through shit like this. It's not no lovey dovey type shit, but it isn't really a normal break up song.

I don't really know who the other random dude is, but...Whatevz.


Will Smooth dropped this video for the "find your love" track. He's on his game with the music thing. Click below to download the "find your love" track.

Will Smooth/Drake - Find Your Love

As most of you know, Will Smooth usually drops videos with pretty ladies. Now it's your turn, as a pretty lady, to be featured in his next video. If you're interested, drop a comment or just hit up Will himself.

Find Will Smooth on Twitter.



So....like....7 hours ago I posted about how I took everyhting down off this blog. Well, AS YOU CAN SEE, it's back up and looking lovely. I spent all night working on it. I'm very proud of the way it turned out. I still need to do a blog roll, and some minor tweaks. If you have a blog and want me to put it on my blog rool, let me know. If you're a blogger and you know some wonderful blogs to share, let me know as well.

I'd like to say that I made th header for this blog and coded it all myself. I got the pictures from a Chris Brown fansite. The site buttons that you see on the left, I just google'd and found. I'm tryna give credit where credit is due, but I lost track between all the stress of fixing this shit back up.

Anyways, what I'm most hype about is the fact that I have a "contact me" sextion now. If you click over on the white button with an envelope on it, you will see what kind of magic I cooked up. Now...to some people it might not be THAT interesting, but this shit is rocking my world right now. So, feel free to rape my suggestion box with your comments.

Oh, and..... Happy Mother's Day, Everyone!

I give props to all the mothers who are taking care of children and playing both the mother and father role. I also want to take this time out to give shoutouts to the MEN who also play the mother role. Kudos to any parent who takes care of their seed and I hope you enjoy this special day!



So, I took everything off my blog in terms of design & such. I was just bored of it. Really bored. I've been too busy with life to deal with trying to fix it back up. I don't get out of college until June 5th, and after that I have heavy plans in rotation, so I really don't even know when I will get this blog lookin right again. It feels more like a chore than fun to me, now more than ever. I know people like my blog, so I'm trying to keep it updated. I don't want my blog to turn into the celebrity gossip blogs that everyone has out these days because....everyone else already has one. i like to write about topics that are controversial, interesting, and new to people...not just basic shit. Basically what I'm saying is, I'm running out of ideas.

Now...if you have any ideas on how I can fix this drought, please let me know. I'm going to try and think of something creative to do with the design structure, but who knows where that will go. For now it's just going to stay white and boring. Hopefully you guys still visit now and again and comment. I love feedback. Any feedback is welcome, but please have reasoning behind all of it. I just want a place where I can intrigue YOU all.



I got homies that do big things, if you haven't noticed. I try to fuck with people who are prospering and shit. So, take notes on this Detroit rapper.

Download "It's Nothin"
"It's Nothin"

"It's Nothin" is Jay-Cro's latest single. If you like what you hear, go head and download the mixtape.

Potential: Then and Now

Contact Jay-Cro:



So, I been slippin on the Will Smooth updates. Let's blame that on the work and college work. Anyways, I'm here to throw some new hot stuff at you guys. Will Smooth has been doin this thing. So, here we go!

I like this picture, so I decided to throw it in here.

Will Smooth- Yesterday (Snippet)
Will Smooth- Pretty Girls
Drake feat. Will Smooth- find Your Love

Find your love is the most recent track from Will Smooth. Don't sleep! He does nice work. Keep on the lookout because another mixtape from Will Smooth will drop soon. It's called "Brain Tease"