Will Smooth dropped an interview for http://www.iamfeedmekicks.com FINALLY!

I would like to thank Will Smooth for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do an interview with me and for everything he has done for my blog and myself. It doesn't go unappreciated.

Three days ago, Will Smooth dropped his new highly anticipated mixtape entitled "Brain Tease". "Brain Tease" is the next chapter of Will Smooth following up the last mixtape, "Eat Your Heart Out". If you haven't downloaded "Eat Your Heart Out" then you are REALLY sleeping and should wake up. Don't worry, I'll drop download and contact links at the end.

The mixtape is hosted by DJ Zeke & DJ Super Nova.


2.Fishin' For A Hater - This track is one of my favorites on the tape. It's produced by Kris Krozz. I'm really not fond of hater songs, the phrase is overplayed and annoying, BUT Will Smooth puts his own spin on it and makes the song catchy.

2.Reggie Bush - Justin Rose features AND produced this track. Although this track wasn't one of my favorites, it's fun and smooth. The word play is nice on this joint as well.

3.Iced Tea Lemonade

4.Tag Your It - This track is nice. It almost sounds like a cliche song for a flirt like Will Smooth to write, but it's different and has a catchy sound to it. I dig it. It was produced by Yung Fokus.

5.Deuces - I might be biased when I say that I love this song, simply because I'm an avid Chris Brown fan, BUT I absolutely love this song. It might be my favorite from the tape, but it's hard for me to pick just one favorite. The word play is nice. I really just like the verse and spin put on it.

6.Well....I'm missing number 6, so I'm not sure what goes here. *confused face*

7.J. Romez (Please Put Me On Skit)

8.Yeah I Know - I love this song. All this truth in one song is almost too much for me! lol. Will Smooth is hilariously honest, and it makes this song a BANGER. Embezz Pierre is featured on this song and I can dig it. Nice verses from both of em.

9.Broken Legs - I love this song. It reminds me of a jerkin type of song, but it's real catchy and I caught my head bobbin more than a few times.

10.Hello Ho - I really like this track. It has a slow kinda R&B beat, which attracts me to the song, but the message is strong. HELLLOOO HOO!!

11.J. Romez (Hollywood Superstar Skit)

12.Hollywood - This song is dope. It features John Tucker & a female singer, Maxine Ashley. Everyone can relate to the message of the song because it's always thirsty ass usin people.

13.Flashy Lights

14.Fighting With The Aliens

15.Gravity - I love the sound of this song. The sound, message, everything about this song is on point. It's a real song that people can relate to because it's about REAL SHIT. Nice.

16.Yesterday - Another dope song that is about real shit. When I think of Will SMooth, I think about the goofy ass songs, but songs like this help me realize that Will's a real dude to and goes through real things. I can dig. The flow and sound of the song is on point.

17.Pretty Girls - Another nice track that I will be puttin on my iPod.

18.Full Course Meal/Yummy - Here's the freaky side of Will Smooth. The beat on this track is nice. I like this track. Mature Audience :)

19.All The Way Turnt Up

20.Unthinkable - There was already a video dropped to this joint. I love it. Alicia killed the song, but for Will to put a male twist on it made it that much better.

21.Brain Tease Outro (Fabreezy Zeke Arguement)

ALl around I think this mixtape is dope. I think Will Smooth is a creative person who makes dope music and has the drive and integrity to go far in what he does. I think this mixtape really showed more of a realistic side to Will and I can appreciate that. I definitely hope that you guys download the mixtape and take a listen. It's worth it.

Please, get in touch with Will Smooth by the links below.

Facebook: Will Smooth

"Brain Tease"
"Eat Your Heart Out"



As you may know, if you are an avid reader of my blog or even talk to me at all, I am a HUGE Chris Brown fan. When I say huge....I really mean that I am a very dedicated fan who loves the qualities that Chris brings to the music world. Tonight on the BET Music Awards, Chris finally had the chance to pay respects to Michael Jackson. With the blessings of the Jackson family, Chris took the stage and KILLED it.

Chris also took home the Fandemonium award that #TEAMBREEZY, including myself helped to help him achieve. As a fan, I appreciate the fact that Chris hasn't stopped putting out music and doing what he loves just because of negative feedback. I hope that people can put the past in the past and look to see what Chris Brown has to offer as an artist. Everyone makes mistakes and I know that is not an excuse, BUT Chris Brown has been working his ass off and has a plethora of talent. Anyways, I'm glad that we can finally say that MJ has been done justice.



I been supportin Will Smooth for a minute now. I'll be back with a full review. Until then....

Download "Brain Tease" Here. || Alternate Download Link




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Straight orgasms. Big Sean IS my favorite rapper.

Big ups to DWND.COM



Not only do I dig Will Smooth's musical style, BUT I dig this track. "Holla At Me" was dropped by Chris Brown and Tyga from the "Fan Of A Fan" mixtape. I loved this joint! Anyways, listen to the spin Will Smooth put on it.

Download Will Smooth - Holla At Me.

Hit him up at @WillSmooth

The next mixtape entitled, Brain Tease, drops June 27th.


I'm not a huge fan of Drake. I actually have mixed emotions on this dude. This post isn't about how many sales he did, or anything like that. You can hit the next blog for that info. I was on WSHH.COM and I saw this video.

Usually we don't ever actually get into artists heads about real hard core things like family and sick mothers and what they wans fans to think of them and ect. This short clip really made me take a look at how celebrities really miss out on things that we take for granted. Family, friends, and just having a normal life isn't anything less than a blessing.

Society has this perception that being famous is all it's cracked up to be, but they fail to realize that having life in itself is a blessing. It really made me look at Drake in a different light.



If you guys don't already know, I have a younger brother that I adore. He's probably my best friend and I enjoy having him in my life every single day. each day he grows older, I see more of this person in him that is great. He's such a smart, funny, and an all around DOPE individual. I want to expose the people who read my blog to his website. He's not into blogging as much as I am, but maybe if I get a few of you to read it and help encourage him, he can blog more. I would appreciate it.

Please visit http://www.soapinyoureyes.com/

And follow my little brother on Twitter, @JackJigsaw


I was over on http://bpflive.com/ and I saw this video. It made me tear up.

Watching this video made me realize what some people really have to go through. They have to go through living life without their loved ones for days, months, and years. They have to change and be changed by life without their family, friends, and anbody close to them. There's people serving this country that we take for granted every day. It takes a lot of courage to leave your family behind to serve for another purpose.

I take pride in how much I appreciate what I have and the family that have active roles in my life, but after seeing this video, I don't think I appreciate them enough. There's children who have to grow up without fathers, wives who have to raise children without a partner, grandparents who have to see their grandchildren go away, and ect. All I can say is that this really opened my eyes because I know that I can do a better job of telling the people in my life what thye mean to me.


I always tell you how talented Will Smooth is. If you haven't heard this track with Chris Brown & Tyga, I don't know what rock you've ben under, but CLIMB OUT. Will Smooth put his own spin on the track and just dropped a video.

"and my new boo say she love me,
so she hug me like a snuggie.
and you sick cuz i'm her hubby so...
fuck bein friends"

Download this Will Smooth track HERE.



SO...I was going to shed some light on the Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj back and fourth that's going on, but I changed my mind. It's getting too messy. First Kim has a wig & supposedly that was a subliminal diss to Nicki, then Drake puts his nonsense in the mix, Kim takes the stage with Keys (the rapper who is most known for dissing Nicki Minaj), and then Kim does an interview speaking on the situation.

So, I'ma just leave it at that. What do YOU think about the whole situation?

Anyways, lemme update you on me real quick.

June 3rd, I ended my first official year of college. There's a lot of online projects that I'm hoping to be a part of. I applied for a second job. I hope to get on my Photoshop grind again. I really just want to have a really productive summer and enjoy it. I have a vacation coming up soon, so I'm excited for that. All in all, I've just really been busy as fuck.



There's a lot of played out style that's always popping up everywhere. It's hard to find shit that's different and actually worthwhile. I can't remember how I ran across LaMar and SUPERFRESHCLOTHES.COM, but I did.

SUPERFRESHCLOTHES.COM is where you can order fresh t-shirts for men and women. There are only 36 of each design made and they have a time limit on them. You have to get em while they're hot because if not, you won't get em at all. The website is also starting to branch out into other areas as well. The have fresh bands/bracelets, chains, and wallets. Don't sleep on this website. I've copped there a few times for myself. I wouldn't advocate something that I didn't think was worth the effort.

The designs above are clearly old news, because like I stated before- once the time is up, you cannot get the design back. Those are just a few of the fresh designs that SUPERFRESHCLOTHES.COM has had to offer. Now that you've seen some of the designs, lemme introduce you to the designer...

Customer service is a big deal to me when it comes to shopping, in general. If I don't get treated right, I probably won't come back to shop at that store. LaMar has been very good to me throughout my whole SuperFresh experience. He independently runs his business with tons of effort and enthusiasm. LaMar never sleeps on SuperFresh and that makes it an ever greater reason to shop with his brand. Like I've always said, I support independent people who are grinding and HE is the epitome of a grinder.

Watch this video to learn a little more about what I'm supporting.


SuperFresh Myspace
SuperFresh YouTube

Hit up LaMar & get SuperFresh. Tell em Audrey sent you :)