I will be making an appearance at the Lil Wayne concert in Omaha, Nebraska on April 6th. I will be paying $124.00.


I will be seeing Lil Wayne, keri Hilson, and Gym Class Heros on this day.

Thank you. :)



Don't you hate when your so honest with someone, yet they still think that you are lying or not telling the whole truth? I absolutely hate it. It happens when some of the most important things you are saying are true, and the other side thinks negatively towards you in that situation. What if you do something wrong to a person, and you want to make things right, but there's just no way to gain their trust back? How do you go about doing that?

I've just been thinking about this situation a lot lately. Like..how many people do you lie to and they find out? How many people actually fully forgive you for lying to them, or about them, or whatever the situation was? how many people really walk away from that situation and completely forgive you? Probably not many. I think, as myself, I always think about what that person did in the back of my mind even if I have forgave them.

Is there anybody you have never betrayed their trust? I think there's always one time for everyone that they break your trust. Trust is one of the only things that people honestly have control over, in this life. There's not really anything you can have forever. People like to say that they will be friends forever, but think about it. How many times have you said that and actually meant it?...Did it happen? Probably not.

...Anyways, there's no particular reason for writing this blog, I've just really been thinking about what people are REALLY guaranteed in life. It's not much, might I add...



Do you ever notice that people always over exaggerate when it comes to the bad things that are going on with them in life? People never overly talk about the good shit that they are going through. Why is that? Is it because misery loves company? Or is it just because bad things draw more emotions from within us? I really don't know, but I wish there was more enthusiasm when it came to happy things, and not just overly-ranting about the not-so-great things.

Everyone does it, even myself, so I don't know why I am just now noticing it. I think it's because people spend way too much time blowing things out of proportion and over analyzing and not enough time being thankful for the good things that they are blessed with.



I really have no need for this post. I just try to keep posting, so that I won't fall out of sync with it.

I haven't really been on the net like that because my laptop needs to go back. It sucks, dick.

I have been working a lot.

I've been stressed a lot.

Not knowing whether or not you will still have a roof over your head the next day worries the shit out of you. It also causes lack of sleep.

I have been kind of obsessing over Rachel and my kid brother's thing they got goin. I went to his blog today and saw that she commented his, but hasn't been commenting mine..and it kind of made me angry. It's not that I don't want them to talk, it's more like...I wish she wouldn't diss me for him. It's whatever, I guess.

Shantae put me onto this new blogging advertisement type thing called 20somgethingbloggers. My profile has yet to be approved, but it looks like fun, and I gets your blog out there...so those are all positives.

I can't want until I get this independent studies shit done. It's working my nerves.



So, I haven't been posting much. I think it might be beccause of all the stuff going on with me personally or maybe it's the fact that I am locked out of my laptop unnotably. Whatever, though.

I did want to take this post out as a thank you post. A lot of people stopped though this blog and my Myspace blog and dropped their sincere words towards how I was feeling.

For some reason, Shantae's words really pepped me up. Maybe it might be because I secretly wanted to be her long ago, or maybe it's just because she makes so much sense with what she says. Or maybe it's not even that, maybe it's just the fact that we are barely friends and she says things that re true, and not just things that will boost me up. With that being said, thanks Shantae. After all the stuff that's happened between you and I, I wouldn't expect much from you, but some of the things you say really make me feel better. I just wanted you to know....So, thank you.



"I know what you mean. I hope any fan of CB sees that and completely denounces their admiration for what he does as a musician."

I don't know who the person is who left this comment, but I do know that I just saw it on someone elses Myspace page. Not that it's my business how she feels or whatever, but I do feel that the above statement is wrong.

Why would a fan denounce their admiration for him as a musician just because of something he did during his personal life matters? It's not any of our business, yet I find myself blogging about it because I feel lilke people are taking too much of this shit to the head.

His personal life and music, are very seperate. Tell me, do you listen to your favorite artist because of who they date, what their mother looks like, or how many siblings they have? Uhm, I'm assuming not. So why would you STOP being a fan of his music because of some mistake he made, as a human being, within his relationship. His PERSONAL relationship. Now, I do understand that he is a celebrity and the media is going to promote the shit out of whatever goes wrong, but you have got to understand that his music and relationship are two different things.

I won't say much more about it because I feel like people should already know how I feel. I don't feel negative towards Chris Brown because he isn't my father, brother, or friend for that matter. i am not going to put any of this against him as a music artist, and that's just how I feel. I'm sorry that some people can't learn to accept what has happened is a mistake. Everyone makes them.

With that being said, i still support Chris Brown in everything he does. I've signed TWO petitions that were trying to keep his music on the radio stations stream. I am happy to say that I still hear his music on my local radio statio, I still play his music on my iPOD, stereo, and computer. None of that will ever change. End of story.





I know this post will be a little bit personal, and this issue hits home....hard. So, if you really don't give a fuck about me as a person, or have anything really meaningful to say, then don't read or comment. My feelings would be really hurt.

So, I never knew that my family would end up like this. When I was younger, we had the dream house. We had everything we could ask for. Cars, nice things, happy home/family, anything I wanted I got and it wasn't an issue. Money wasn't a problem. Then it all came crashing down. My mom and dad got a divorce. My mom gave our lovely home back to the bank that we were less than $1,000 away from owning, and little did I know then, but we would never get back on our feet.

Now, $1,600 behind on rent, single parent who cannot work because of a car accident, and a never ending struggle for money, I realize that my life has turned completely around. In no way shape or form am I saying that I have a fucked uo life, because I DON'T! I have a job, a loving mother who gives everything she can to cater to my little brother and I, I work hard for my own money and I get to keep it, too many nice things, and I have a roof over my head. I know there are people who are far worse off than my family is.

It really is an issue because as I get older, life scares me more than ever. I've had to deal with everything from chasing my mom down the street because she wants to kill herself, her crying wanting to give my brother and I up because she wants better for us, and the painful look in her eyes when she has to ask me for money....It kills me. I know that I'm getting older now, and I've been more mature than most kids my age since forever, but I think that my childhood was cut way too short. I'm not complaining because it makes me who I am, but I just realized how hard it is for my mom. She struggles everyday not knowing how she is going to pay the next bill, if our landlord will evict us the next day, or if she can get me to work without running out of gas...and that hurts me. It really does.

I wonder if my dad cares. He's not any better off than we are now by far, but I wonder if he realizes what he has done. Does he care that we struggle all the time? Does he care if my brother and I have food to eat or a way to school? I really don't think he does. It sucks. My mom is still in love with him. Valentine's day is/was their anniversary. They have been split up for a few years now, but he usually calls her on February 14th. This year....he didn't. I know it hurt her. I KNOW it did, even though she acted like it didn't matter. It really does to her. She still loves him, and deep down inside I believe in my heart that she is still IN love with him. I mean, they were high school sweethearts, practically! She wasn't really with anybody else. They have been together off and on since she was 15 years old. That's a long time... She called him and asked him why she didn't get a call, he answered back with a simple "Well, I must've been busy..". Okay, like really? I dunno. It just sucks when you sit down and think about how life really is a struggle for some people.

I know I may seem like I'm so "fresh", "fly", and whatever else, but it's a struggle to get the shit I have. I know I have many nice things accounted for, but you have got to really understand how hard my mom and I work to get the things I own. My mom is a great woman who has instilled many great qualities in me. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have her to be honest....



I dislike people who come on to the internet in search of brains to mold. I hate how people come on to the internet to try and change how people are.

BITCH, if you cannot change shit in the real world, what makes you think that you can come onto Myspace/Socialvibe/Blogger/ect. trying to do just that? Nobody is listening to you. If you don't like how someone types, what kind of values they have, or who they listen to, then don't talk or associate yourself with that person. It's simple.



Today was a very long day, man. Super long.
I didn't get much sleep becuase I was worried about my grandma.

I did get a laugh off of some dude named Shane who stays with my family and I.
He lies out the ass, and it's super amusing.

Anyways, I went into work 2 hours earlier.
Not to mention that fact that MY job was super busy, but I had to LEARN 2 other jobs, and do mine at the same time.

I left work an hour late.
And I'm grumpy...



This shit sucks.



Tameka Foster, Usher's ugly ass wife, has been having complications from a liposuction surgery she had in Brazil. I really have her best interest in mind, but I'm sayin...

She's the same person who posed for Essense magazine, saying that she was proud of her body....

.....Um, no comment on this shit.


First of all, I want to mention the Chris Brown statement thing. I'm not going to say much, just want to mention the fat that he made a statement, and made it like a grown ass man. I'm not going into it because I've already seen 03820-2=2 posts about it, and yeah....go figure.

Anyways, I was talking with a friend of mine about this topic, but... Why do people look away or look down when you are walking towards each other? I never really understood why, but I know nearly everyone does it. Anyways, throw your opinion out there about it. I wish people could just give a friendly smile or some shit instead of making a big deal about it.

On another note, how do you let someone down "easy", especially if it's a....nerd. Wait, I really need some of the right words to describe my situation without sounding like a complete bitch....This guy likes me, I don't really like him. His looks, personality, ect are not appealing to me....What do I do? He keeps trying to make "advancements" and I don't like it. He's almost one of those scary stalker guys, and it just bugs me. Today he gave me a Valentine's day gift....Whatever though.

MIA had her baby, BTW.


And I swear to God....
If I hear that dumbass Jay-Z say some more shit about Chris Brown and siding with Rihanna, I will FLIP THE FUCK OUT. I'm not mad that he's siding with her, I'm mad that he actually has the audacity to act like it's his business, mad that he acts like he never laid his hands on a lady, and mad that he keeps saying ignorant shit.



I just caught wind of this supposed incident with Jay-Z.
In a recent interview, jay said "Chris is a walking dead man." and that he's very overprotective of Rihanna. Chris "messed with the wrong crew" and that Chris should be watching out for more than than the LAPD.

Well, last time I knew, Jay-Z actually SLAPPED a chick from trying to take a picture of him. So, I guess even the "best" do wrong. I just don't understand how he can be so pissed off about something that he can relate to! How can you slap a female who didn't even lay a hand on you, but threaten someone else when you, let alone anybody for that maatter, doesn't even know the real story.

Anyway, I'm not really a fan of Jay-Z. But here goes...


Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I hope you ALL have an amazing day with whomever you decide to spend it with. I know I brought Valentine's Day in at WalMart.

Anyways, I went to WalMart today with my kid brother and Mom. We were shopping for Valentine's Day stuff for my grandmother and some craft things for my brother's school project.

I ended up getting a few things. I bought a small makeup bag, some makeup, and a few pads for penpalling.

I got: Maybelline's Colossal Volume Express mascara, Rimmel Stay Matte Natural Minerals Pressed Powder in Transparent, Lo'Real Hip Metallic shadow duo in Platinum, and Rimmel Cool Matte 16 Hour Mousse Foundation in Ivory.

I'm still just starting up my whole makeup collection and getting used to it all. So, I'm excited to add these pieces to my collection.

Remember the psot I made before about the gifts Jessica got me? Well, here's the picture....



I was opening Firefox and I saw this headline. Apparently, Michael Jackson has staph infection in his face and throughout his entire body. MJ contracted staph with his last nose reconstruction job. Now, I dig Mike and his music, and I think that the measures he has taken towards changing his appearance are HYSTERICAL. I don't however wish staph infection upon anybody. My brother and Mom have both had it, and there are strings of deadly staph. I do hope he pulls through this...



It's to keep Chris Brown's music playing on the radio.
I signed it, and I think that you should too.

Not only do I think hat good music shouldn't suffer, but I also believe that taking his music off the radio has nothing to do with the legal situation at hand.

Sign the damn thing.



I started a new blog that I would love for you guys to follow!

It's all about my shoes!

Please go to it NOW, and follow it. :)



Now, I had no intentions on posting tonight, until I looked out my window.

Okay, Okay. Lemme stop trying to make an epic out of the whole blog, the epic time will come in due time.

Anyways, I was sitting here doing a whole lot of nothing, when I heard something that sounded like arguing out of my window. Now, usually I really wouldn't give a fuck, but this arguing had been going on way longer than the usual arguing around here. I opened my window, and I heard a familiar voice. It was my friend, Brittany. Anyways, I went out there and she was breaking out windows of a trailer because there was a fire. She knew the people that lived in the trailer, and mind you 2 young kids reside in that trailer, a mother, father, a 16 year old boy, and a 20-something mother. My homegirl was crying, breaking out windows trying to wake anybody up in the house. She had no luck, then my homeboy decided to go in. As flames were rolling out, this was almost amazing to me. He broke into the house, but could not get past the kitchen. He had no choice, but to turn around and back out. All in all, this leads to the topic of post at hand...

What would you really do for people you love and/or care about? I think that people use words to often these days and lose sight of what the actuality of their words may be. I know that everyone claims the whole ride or die thing, and all that other stuff, but would you honestly? to be completely honest, if it were just my neighbor, no matter how close they were to me, I probably wouldn't try to enter a burning home. I know that may seem harsh or self-centered or whatever the case may be, but it's the truth. If it was my mother, brother, or grandmother...that would be a different story. I would literally give my last break for any of them. They are my lifelines and I know that they would do the same. Family, friends, and whomever is in your life, please let them know that you care for them. Please do whatever you can to make your relationship with them as positive and long-lasting as possible. You never know when your time may come. I've lost three close people to me this year, and it hurts. None of them were my immediate family, but they were close enough to feel like I've lost a part of me. Please, just use your words wisely. I know I'm not going to tell someone that I would give my kidney to them if I didn't really mean it. Think about it...

Now, as for the burning trailer, I don't know if there were people in it. I'm praying to God that there was not anybody in there, but if there was it's a sad loss.



Let me first say that I do not condone abusive relationship, nor do I condone abuse AT ALL, but I do have some things to say about the whole situation with Chris and Rihanna.

First of all, I know details are still being put out and whatnot, but people should already know the basics about what happened...

Today, a lot of people were hitting me up asking about the whole situation. They were asking me how I felt about it, what do I think should happen, ect, ect. Really, it's not my business. I don't know Chris Brown or Rihanna on a personal level. Many people are saying that they are going to change how they think of him because of this. Now, I can see why that would change your mind. I know I wouldn't want my boyfriend, or my friends' boyfriend hitting her, and I would be all for the change of thoughts against that person, if that was the case. Since I don't know Chris on a personal level, so MY opinion of him....hasn't changed. I'm still going to think he's my favorite. I'm still going to buy every cd he comes out with, and download all the in-between tracks. I'm still going to have posters of him on my wall, and I'm still going to support him, FULLY.

I do however think that it is not okay to hit a woman. I'm glad that he turned himself in, I'm glad that he actually took responsibility for what he'd done. He lost some endorsements of his and couldn't perform at the grammys which both are going to put a slack on his career.

I do think that people should fall back from the situation. I think that people get too much fun out of other peoples' business. Why do you honestly care? This story has been buzzing the net since it got out. Now tell me why there's not a story buzzing around about how Beyonce didn't really write "If I Were A Boy", and how Lil Wayne has threatened his crowds more than THREE times, or how Brandy was in a year-long trial for motor vehicular homicide, but DIDNT get charged. Why are all these other people doing things, but yet everyone is so focused on one person? Isn't it just because he has a clean image as an R&B singer? Why do people get so intrigued over drama? Why can't people be more happy to talk/gossip about the good things that actually happen?

This is just my take on things. If you don't agree, then don't read my shit.
Plain and simple.

I think this video is pretty much what I'm trying to say.



SO, I've been having a rough time lately.
My grandma is in the hospital. It's day 3 now.
It's kind of scary because she had COPD. I dunno if the people reading this blogs knows what they is, but it's a condition that you can get over time. Mucus and other nasty shit fill your lungs and stuff like that, making it hard to breathe and whatever else.

My mom is very close to my grandma. I mean...the lady lives right next door! So, it's just been stressful. My laptop mic doesn't work, and it's irritating because I keep paying payments for some shit that keeps fucking up. It almost makes me want to just give it back to the rent-to-own place. I went there today, dropped $400 on it, and I still just feel so depressed about the whole situation.

Anyways, the point of this blog is to mention someone who made my day go completely UP!
Jessica. You are so amazing, love.

You guys, I was having a stressful day today. I went to see my grandma and stuff like that for the FIRST time since she's been admitted, I was late for my Independent Studies class, and my Mom was aggravating me. I get a very random text from Jessica. She told me to check my mailbox. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I assumed since she knows that we BOTH love getting mail, she put something in there. She called and kind of spoiled the suprise, but it's all good! LOL. She got me some balloons, a small box of chocolates, a valentines day card, AND the best thing was a hand-written note that said some very nice things. I guess she understands that I've been going through a lot lately, and I am kinda sad that I haven't seen her. I can't even remember the last time we hung out...I think it was my birthday...Damn.

I took a picture of the stuff, but I really can't post the picture since I have to take my laptop back...I have to take all my shit offa it....FUCK!



Chances are you don't know me. Let's stop assuming shit about me. Do you wanna know about me? I'll tell you some shit about me.

For ONE, you don't know anything about me or my fucking bank account. Let's quit acting like we do.

For TWO, stop asking me to do shit for your slut asses. It's not cute. Do it your damn self, bitches.

THREE, I don't want you all in my business. Don't add me on Myspace because you see me conversing with someone on your friends list. Bastards.

Oh yeah, and don't think just because I'm your friend I give a fuck about what you are doing. You went back to him quicker than anybody could blink. So, why the fuck are you so confused? Your bad.

Moving on...

Another issue. When I needed to say shit to you, you acted BRAND NEW. So, now that you are going through some shit....you want advice? Fuck your life. That's my adice.

Am I a bitch? Your mad is all.

Last but not least...

Trey Songz has been shitting on Chris Brown lately. It's sad. Chris fix your fucking self, dumbass.

One last thing...

This is Broadway from YouTube. His voice is amazing.



Blogging just isnt fun anymore. Maybe it's because I don't give two fucks anymore. Who knows. I probably won't delete my blog, but...I probably won't be updating it either. I know it probably doesnt matter to half of you. But whatever, ya kno.

Anyways, yeah. I don't care. I'm done blogging.


That's my little rant for the week.


Oh yeah, and Trey Songs might soon replace Chris Brown.
Chris, get your act together.



I been trying out this make up thing. I guess I kind of like it. I'm not so good, yet. Hopefully in due time, I will get better. Here's something a did last week.