Many of you have heard the song already. The "video" has now been released.

Here's my "reaction" and thoughts on the video.

I couldn't embed the video because it would stretch my layout, buuuuuuut- here's the link.




So, Trey Songz dropped his brand new mixtape. Here's what I think about it. Links will be below the vid.




Tell me what you think.


So, my little brother has a pretty cool blog.
I think that if you are looking for blogs to read, you should read his.
I enjoy it, I think you guys will to.


I know if he has readers, he will blog more & who doesn't want blog followers.


My heart goes out to the entire Jackson family, not for losing Mike, but for losing someone in general. Losing someone is NEVER easy. As a matter of fact, I lost TWO people last July & last October that were close to me that I can't get over, but to have to lose your brother. Especially while the entire world has to lose him... To see Janet, made the realization actually hit me and let me know that he really is gone. People are killing themselves over this man. He meant so much to SO many people. I'm sorry for his loss & for what he meant to everyone.

Rest In peace, MJ. I am DEEPLY saddened by this, fareal.

I will try to get these posts out of the way, but with each day that passes & new information comes up about MJ, I have to put my feelings out there again. If you don't like the posts, you honestly don't have to read them. Unfollow me, if it bothers you that much. I don't care.

On a lighter note, I took a few new pictures. Nothing serious.


I personally think the whole show was an absolute let down. I think that even though they only had a few days to set up the show in a tribute type of way for Mike Jack, that it could have been a lot better with what they dd to celebrate him.

I thought Souljah Boys performance was wack. He could have done a little more, even though I don't like him at all. I thought Lil Wayne & Yung Money was ALL OVER THE PLACE. I thought Keyshia Cole's voice was off. Monica was good, though. I don't like that song, though. I thought Ne-Yo was bland all around & with that bald head & red sweater he looked like Lil Bill offa that cartoon show. Jay-Z....I aint even into him, so I aint gonna voice on that. Mary Mary was nice, even though i don't listen to gospel. Anyways...

I feel like Keri Hilson was the ONLY person who caught my attention. No, it's not just because I like her music, but she's the only one who I felt performed to a good extent. She actually sang, didn't pre-record, danced, put a nice Michael Jackson spin on things, and looked great. Simple as that. If you missed it, which I hope you didn't, here it is...

I also am really angry about the Chris Brown situation. I've heard a bunch of rumors already about it, but I'm not going to say SHIT until further notice about it comes out. I just really feel like he would have done an amazing job. Even Usher would have done a better job than Jamie Foxx & Ne-Yo. I was upset that Ne-Yo didn't even DANCE. WTF. I felt like this would have been a huge jump back into the limelight for Chris. Whatever, though. What's done is done.





First of all lemme say this: FUCK YOU JORDAN CHANDLER.

So, if you don't know- Jordan Chandler, who claimed that Michael Jackson touched him, came outta the woodwork & said that it was all a lie.


I dunno how legit that actual website is, but I do know that I Googled it & there was more than one source saying it the same things, so....Believe what you want.

Personally, I never thought Mike did it. I never really cared because I didn't know him personally. I knew his music. That's besides the point.

First of all, to make up lies like that about ANYONE is ridiculous. Shit like that RUINS people for the res of their lives. That fucked with Micheal's fan base, his music, his theme park, ect. Why would you say some shit like that? Matter fact, why am I asking why like I don't fucking know. 22 million sounds like a good enough reason to lie, huh?

That dumb ass kid LIED because he claimed his dad told him to. He LIED about all of it. He lied about MJ touching him, he lied about kissing, oral sex, ALL OF IT. This kid even went as far as to "describe" MJ's genitals looked & ect. That's A LOT of fucking lying. I am so mad right now, yet I am relieved because the truth has came out.

I'm angry for one because this kid WAITED to say something about it. He waited until Michael Jackson DIED to say something. This tells me that this kid wants MORE limelight. This tells me that this kid cannot get enough of the fame that this scandal has brought him.

It's a damn shame. Fuck that kid. Fuck his family, fuck everything he stands for, and I hope he did something worth talking about with that money he got from MJ. Fuck anybody that would lie about something like that.

Rest in peace, MJ. Fareal.



I don't watch TV. I don't even know the last time I turned my damn TV on, fot that matter! LOL. Anyways, I was talking to my friend. Let's just call them, SPIC. Now, don't get offended, if you are of the hispanic race and are reading this. I'm not calling YOU a spic, I'm calling ONE PERSON a spic, and that person is totally okay with me calling them that. So....if you don't like it. Kick rocks.

Anyways, here goes the AIM conversation...

SPIC (6:19:32 PM): i ended up knockin out to mj vids
miss feedmekicks (6:19:58 PM): how
SPIC(6:20:30 PM): dha tveee like all dha musik tv channels where playin songs
SPIC (6:20:35 PM): i was watchin vh1
miss feedmekicks (6:20:49 PM): ohhhhhhh
miss feedmekicks (6:20:51 PM): i forgot about tv
miss feedmekicks (6:20:52 PM): lol
SPIC (6:20:55 PM): lol
SPIC (6:21:16 PM): just cus u aint a fan of tv doesnt mean it doesnt exist! lmfao

I dunno if that made you LOL, but when it happened it sure seemed giggle-worthy to me. Anyways, let me type about something with some substance now. LOL.

I don't really know why I don't watch TV, I just don't. I mean, I will if I have to, but I'm not fond of it at all. Like, I just feel like other thigns that I do are more fun to me, I guess. Internet, music, reading, writing, cleaning, ect is all more enjoyable to me than sitting in front of a TV. I don't even catch movies like that. I think I lost my attention span over the years because movies used to be my thing. I like Free Willy & Jersey Girl & I am Sam & Pay It Forward & Selena & Enough & ....that's all I can think of right now. See! That's how much I DON'T dig movies.

...I digress. LOL.


It seems like more & more people have been hitting me up lately telling me how they enjoy my blog. That is TOTALLY WASSUP for me. Like, I'm happy that you get a kick out of my blog. I'm happy that people actually read me.

I have 80 followers, but not many comment, so I thought that not many read me. It's all good, though because I do the blogging for my personal reasons.

Anywayyyyyyy. I'm glad that people like my blog, and think I'm funny, and think what I say is a good read. i am thankful that people can actually relate to some of the shit I post. I am also thankful that even if you DON'T like what I read, that you give your opinions to me in a respectful manner. I like that.

So, Thanks to all of you who ACTUALLY take the time to read my blog. It's come a long way from just blogging because I had to pass my Honors Advanced Creative Writing class, you know?

SO, thanks. If you have any topics that you would like for me to speak on, let me know in a comment or email me at: feedmekicks@yahoo.com

I do make vlogs too, so if you got somethin you'd like me to talk about. Lemme know.

Anyways. Peace & Love. <3



I aint gonna talk a lot about it because I alreadys ee plenty of blogs adding to the monotonousness.

I did add a song & switch up my blog to remember him.

Let's keep the childish comments about everything except his music on hush. For God's sake. =|


I feel like there's nothing else in the world to do, but blog.

I been thinking heavy about massive amounts of shit lately.

I really need a job. I have FOUR dollars to my name.

I paid all my shit for the month, but...

What about next month? What if something comes up? My mom is struggling. What the fuck am I supposed to do?

I start school in August. I'm most likely not gonna want to work then because I'll be busy & prolly get some financial aid.

So, why am I even looking for a job? I aint havin good luck with it at all. What's gonna happen if I finally get one & then school starts? I dunno anymore.

Anyways, I cleaned my fucking ass off today. Like under everything. It was...unnecessary. Lol.

AND, I started talking to a kick ass dude, who should have been friends with me a long time ago. Mr Heartbreak is a cool ass person.

And Daniel is too high...chatting with me on AIM. He's dumb cool, though. We've been talking everyday for like a fucking month! Wowzers.

This post..is just plain throw up through my fingers. Sorry.


Honestly, why do dudes always gotta do retarded shit to NOT make you want to associate yourself with them? It's so fucking annoying that all you can do is think with your dick/sexual thoughts.

This dude hit me up yesterday outta nowhere. I don't even know who the hell he is & all of a sudden he wants me to do dumb shit on cam. WTF. Can you at least wait until I've known you an hour to ask dumb shit? Seriously. It's super fucking dumb tat you can't even hold a regular ass conversation with a member of the opposite sex. That shit doesn't even turn me on the least bit.

Another thing. Don't get all excited when I say I'm bisexual. It's not for male purposes. It's not to make you think I'm a "freak" or that I'm into a bunch of kinky shit. My sexual habits/preferences are my business & if I don't share them with you on my own time, then I don't want you to know. Get it? Great.



I don't know about you guys, but I do like meeting new people on the internet. The internet is kind of a good way to meet interesting people that enjoy some of the same shit you do.


What I don't understand is randoms. Like, I understand if you meet up with someone through somebody else you know from the internet or something like that, but when some random person hits you up. It kind of makes me un-easy about motives, reasoning, ect.

Anyways, there's no real point to this blog. It's just me...trying to stay in the habit of blogging everyday. I feel like blogging is a good look, and people should do it. i actually think that blogspot is one of the most enjoyable sites I have joined on the internet. People are cool, graphics/layouts/templates go INSANE, and it makes shit way more personable.

Anyways, I've decided that I will start doing graphics for money. If you know anybody that needs flyers, mixtape covers, edited pics, ect let me know.


Goodnight, lovers.



Sooooo, I know this post was supposed to diss boys, but uhm....maybe some other time.

The almost hightlight of my day as hearing that Chris Brown didn't get jail time. I know 38238472 other blogs are reading about it, so I could care less about typing a buncha shit about it. You guys should know how madly in love I am with him. If you don't know, well..I guess I kind of already told on myself, but yeah....

Today was a good day. I liked it. First of all, it was DUMB hot today. like...105 fucking degrees. ARE YOU KIDDING ME JESUS? Please, stop the madness. Anyways, I don't usually swim because I feel like I'm fat & blah blah. So...today was the first time i swam in like 4 years. I had a good time. Plus I laid out for like 20 minutes. I got a little darker. LOL. I'm tired of being dumb white.

Then, I hung out with Rachel. Actually, I always love ahnging out with Rachel. She's a really good friend. Half the time I freak out on her for no apparent reason. She says the best things to me, and always is fun to be around. I'm kinda glad I still have her. I feel bad soemtimes for talking about how the friends I made in high school left me hangin since I left early and shit, but really- Rachel hasn't. I know that I say rude shit that I shouldn't say to her, and I do apologize for that. She usually reads my blogs, she's the only REAL LIFE person that reads them other than my KID BROTHER, so she will see this.

Anyways, we ate Subway & talked. Then we went & got Elmo and went to his boyfriends house. Actually, it was kinda cool, but I got a weird vibe from the dudes there. Like...I think the other dude was straight and then Elmo's boo was obviously gay, and they were there together. It was just a little off to me, but it's not my business...

Anyways, today was good. I liked it. That is all.

Oh wait....I talk to Bear again.....

AND...I heard form the grapevine that I have supposedly been trying to hack Ginger's email....uhm...I don't even own her fucking password for one, and for two nobody gives two shits about her gmail account. I could have her whole laptop crashed by tomorrow night if she really wants to know the deal. then maybe she would have a REAL reason to call me out my name. Enough of that...



I decided that the topic I was going to discuss should/could wait until after today. I was going to verbally bash men, but being that it is Father's Day...

I could really care less about this holiday...one, because I'm not a father, and two, because my dad doesn't act like much of his title. I don't feel the need to bash him, because that is my dad & I never lost respect for him as a person, but I don't go out of my way neither.

Anyways, I hope that all the fathers out there have a wonderful day. I hope the people that have lost a father are in good spirits. I hope that kids who do have a relationship with their father do something for him, and I hope that all the single mothers know that this is their day as well.

Anyways, that's all I wanted to say.
Have a good day.
I should be back to blog again later...


I haven't slept yet, but it's all good.
I been fixing this layout of mine ALL NIGHT.
I love the outcome.

i added a new song, whole new template, new header, and added a blog roll.
IF you aren't on the blog roll, just lemme know.
I prolly didn't know your real name to put you on there.

Anyways, tell me what you think & drop your url/name below if I missed you on the blog roll.

xoxo, audrey.



That's all.



I've been subscribed to this dude on YouTube for a while now. He can sing! I love it. He made this video and my jaw dropped open. I just love everything about it. I love how he didn't waste his damn time talking, how he didn't say shit at the end, how he was dressed so chill, just everything...

He's good right? Yeah...I know. He's kind of cute as well. Whatever, though. Peep him some more.



Now, I know everybody has their opinions about Cassie, and I really could care less what any of you think about her. The point is that, people should really give her a break. People should really step back & realize that she aint gonna stop doin what she does because you think she can't sing, she aint gonna stop doin what she does because people talk about her fuckin Diddy, she aint gonna stop doin what she does because you don't like her shaved head. So with that being said I wish people would fall back just a little. Focus on someone else and let the chick do her.

I'm not sure how old this interview is, but in this interview she was not only getting verbally attacked by the host, but callers weren't bein nice either. They kept tellin her it was a Rihanna-Beyonce world and that she had no talent ect. Listen to the interview at the link below.

Cassie Interview.

Now, I can't tell people not to voice their opinions, but come on now. You shouldn't tell the chick shit she's already heard a million times in one interview. It's not even that necessary.

You might think she can't sing or whatever, but she's doin her thing. She's keepin her head up even with all the shit she's goin through. She had nudes on the net and she's still grindin like it's whatever. I love her style. I think she's a very pretty girl. I do think that she should try her talents elsewhere then singing, but what can you do. She's gotta learn herself.

She's an ill individual. Period.



So, I design for this site, and we are trying to get it poppin. Right now, it is not. So, if you could follow it, promote it, show it to your friends that would be nice.


bad chick media.




Anyways, I was talking to me mom today. I don't have a job, I have been looking though, and I was talking to her about trying ot make money doing something I like doing. Photoshop.

So, I was thinking of opening a PayPal account and trying to market myself on the social networking sites that I'm on right now. I was thinking maybe like craigslist could help too. I'm not sure, I just really need to think of a legit way to make money.

I'm not trying to make a bunch of cash offa this shit, but a few extra dollars wouldn't hurt, and I've been photoshopping a lot lately, so why not try to do it a little more serious?

I dunno, though. It's just a thought that was thrown out there today, and I was just trying to figure out what kind of things I could actually do.




I HATE liars. I HATE people who lie for no reason. I HATE people who lie to for something to do! It's so annoying, and generally the lie isn't even thought through enough to ACTUALLY be believable. I do understand small white lies, even if they aren't to spare someones feelings. I'm not saying I haven't lied to someone about what I was doing, or lied about who I was with, or lied about what I was about to, BUT I've never lied about something irrelevant as some people of late have been doing.

Anyways, liars are uber lame. Like, someone lied to me about getting off AIM because of some reason. Like...seriously? (insert irritated face here) It aint even THAT serious. If you aint tryna chat with me, then just say BYE. LOL.

Moving along, lies aren't good for anything. Usually when you tell a lie, you end up having to keep your lies stringing together. To cover up a lie, you have to lie again, and to cover that lie about the first lie, you have to make another lie. In the end, you're just fake as fuck for no reason, just because you couldn't be real and tell the truth. The truth may hurt at times, but that's life. Get over it, babe.

On another note, there's been a few people that have left my life recently, and I can't be mad about shit at this point, BUT there has been a few people that have came into my life as well.

First. Daniel. He's really funny and will STAY chatting with me. I am always in a good mood when I talk to him, and half the time we just talk about things that aint even really nothing. He's cool. I just stopped talking to Bear, which is fine with me because he doesn't seem to care, and Daniel has helped me get over it. He actually helped me break things off with Bear, if you'd like to know the truth. Anyways, thank you Daniel, for being a true friend through all of the shit I tell you about. PS: You're a hooker. :)

Another person, I don't know if I should even say a name because I don't really want attention brought to her. Anyways, I have this friend that I wasn't really as close to, but I wanted to be close to because she's an amazing person. The other night she came to me and I actually learned that I am closer than I thought. I'm not sure if she always thought of me as close, or if the situation at hand helped me gain the closeness, either way, it's cool with me. She's mad cool, and she's very forgiving. Even after a bunch of shit I put her though. I'm glad that I can feel like we are close and not just talk-whenever-there's-nobody-else pals.

Anyways, I've rambled on now. Moral of this post: DON'T FUCKING LIE.

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I was talking with a friend of mine, and we came to this bump in the road about Johnny Depp. Now, I'm not saying I'm NOT a fan of his, but I don't make it an apparent point to catch his flicks...and shit. Anyways, that's not what was talked about in the conversation. I, personally, feel that this dude....looks straight homeless....ALL THE TIME.

I don't want to hear any excuses about how that's just a bad picture of him or you caught him at the wrong time..or anything of that nature. He just looks lost, for no reason. Cleaned up, or not *cough, tae, cough cough* he looks horrid.

This kind of feels like a rant. I think it's because she secretly thinks I LIKE blogging about this dude. I really just wanted to get it off my chest, since I had no other blogging ideas.



Who really would have thought that I would be this excited to go to school? Who woulda thought that I would be making Computer graphic design my major, seriously? I sure as fuck didn't. I never would have really thought it would all go down like this.

Today I went and picked my classes for the first semester, which starts August 31st. Oral communications, Intro to Humanities, and Intro to drawing. Yeah..they fuckin FLUNG that drawing shit in there on me. Why? Because it goes along with the requirements for Computer Graphic Design. Jesus!

Anyways. I been doing alot of random photoshopping. Nothing too serious though. Just to get back in the hang of things. Photoshopping had started to feel like work and a job to me, but it's not. I love the shit and it makes me happy, even if I aint the greatest at the shit. Here's some stuff I've done recently.

My template cuts off my pics, so you gonna have to click the links, son.


Keri Hilson 1.

Keri Hilson 2

Anyways, I think there's been a drought in good blog reads.
Someone fix that! =|



So, the last few days I have been kinda lonely. I don't know if it's because I haven't been talking to Bear, I found out what Teresa is really about, I don't talk to Ginger anymore, or...numerous of other things. It's all gravy with me, I like being alone, but I don't like the lonely feeling. I mean, who does?

There's also been a few great things going on. I haven't stopped talking to D since we met. He's dumb funny & knows some stuff about computer shit that I'd like to learn. I also have been focused on getting this school shit together. I been on it the last few days. Got in touch with my college admissions counselor, did my FASFA, and I'm trying to get the next steps goin for classes and such.

I been driving a lot. I like it, even though I still feel nervous. That might sound mad corny, but losing my friend to a car accident a year ago SHOOK me. i try so hard to shake the feeling, but it's mad hard to do when I can't stop thinking about him. But, I do need to get my license. Quick like.

Speaking of driving, a car would be necessary since I plan on driving to college & shit. I can't do anything about that without a job...

BUT...I did FINALLY apply for my unemployment today. It wasn't as hard as I expected, but I already knew that. I just worry a lot.

So, I think I should get dressed and shit because I need to go fill out the forms to get that shit rollin....

OH. SIDENOTE: Everything looks more green in the morning. Like...nice and shit.

I finally think that I will have my time schedule back on track after today. I woke up at 6AM. :)

I'm done typing.
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Tonight I just found out that my homegirl Raeven's house was burnt down last Saturday. This fuckin shocked me, son! Deadass, I had no idea what to say. Her family lost everything.

Basically what I'm tryin to say with this post is that, you shouldn't take the things you have for granted. Appreciate all that you have because in a minute it can all be taken away. In the blink of an eye you can go from a household filled with materialistic shit to chillin in a hotel room with nothing but the clothes on your back, your mom, and your two dogs. =/

That shit straight sucks. I feel bad for her and her family. I know everything will be okay with them, but it's just the fact of the matter.

Don't take what you have been blessed with for granted. Appreciate it and make sure you aint one of those bitch ass people who keep askin for more.

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I don't even know how many posts I have said this shit in, but the posts aint gonna stop no time soon. I can't stop mourning my friend who passed.

July 6th, 2008 a piece of me died.
I cannot even begin to explain to you how much this shit hurts. It still hurts.
June 12, 2009 will be Mike's birthday. If he was here, he would be 19 in just a few days.

Mike..I miss you so much man. It almost makes me want to cry right now.
I went back to look some of the comments people left on the message board.
The shit is ridiculous. People were saying shit that he deserved to die and ect.
Why would you say that? WHY IN THE FUCK WOULD YOU SAY THAT? Why would you post shit that his family and friends are going to see?


I swear to God, I would trade Mike's place. I honestly would. I wish that I could ease the pain that everyone is going through. He was the last perosn that I would even imagine I would have to write RIP in front of.

It hurts.
It just really, really hurts.

June 12, 1990 - July 6, 2008.



Okay, so yesterday I was going to post something about friends who ask too much of you, all the time, but NOW I changed my mind. Now I am going to post about friends who DON'T give enough.

Tonight there was a situation that was bothering me, and it kind of showed me who really cares and who doesn't.

Anyways, I am not going to get into that. I want to mention the fact that I have "friends" who ask you to listen to them for so much complaining they do, and then when it's your turn to put your heart on your sleeve, they show no emotion, remorse, ect. WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU GET THAT ALL OF THAT IS OKAY? It's not. Not at all. Seriously.

Anyways, I tried to tell them how I felt about the situation that happened and I just felt like they brushed me the fuck off. That's not okay. For one, you should care about what I have to say if you are my friend. For two, you should care about what I say if it's concerning my family and you KNOW how much my family means to me. So, that makes it even worse. It's a double fucking standard and it's annoying. So, I hope the person/people I am talking about are reading this. That's all I am really going to say about that because if I say too much more I'm going to get PISSED.



I've been looking around lately.
Where have all my friends gone?


Where is Jessica?
I can't even remember the last time I saw her.

Where is Rachel?
Everyday I feel like I lose her more and more.
Why? I don't want thins to happen.

Where is Autumn?
My best friend.
Why can't you be found?

My do I feel so distant from everybody?

Why don't we talk as much?

Why don't I even feel close to the one person I talk to everyday?

What the fuck is going on.

I haven't heard from Jake in days....he doesn't even myspace me anymore.
Tristen? Damian? Tabby? Corrie? Chuck? Cassie?

I don't even know what's going on.
I feel so lost right now.
Lost and alone.

I look back at the people I had in my life before.
Sara Belk...
She's fucking amazing. Yet...i don't talk to her anymore.

Kathleen Klaumann.
My best friend for the longest. What the fuck went wrong?

I can't keep going through each day with friends that i feel don't even care.

My life has been fucked up since you've been gone.
I can't stop thinking about you.
I can't get the picture of your casket out of my mind.
I can't wake up and NOT think about what you would be doing if you were here.
Why! i wish God would please just tell me why.
You didn't deserve it.
I swear to God I would take your place.

Why the fuck did you go?
WHY! why can't you be here?
I miss you.

What do i do.....
Why am I losing all these people in my life?

Teresa Davis.
You. I dunno.
You mean so much to me.
I can't even explain how much you mean.
Everytime I see you, it makes my life so much better.
Everytime i get a text, call, comment, message from you...it makes me smile.

I wish I would have taken the chance.
I have feelings for you that I cannot shake.
It's hard.
You mean a lot to me.
If you EVER need anything....I'm here.