So....I put the link to this song out previously on my blog, and I didn't like it. I looked at this video in HOPES of finding some kinda of positivity in this whole thing, but to no avail....peep the video.

And WHY THE FUCK did she need to throw Nick Cannon in on that shit? *side eye

She dropped this bullshit too. I couldnt even watch the entire video.

I can't even stand her anymore. Her music sucks now. She needs to either quit or find herself in the music she USED to make. She can't even LIP SYNC RIGHT for God's sake. What in the fuck...

"Supa Dupa Lemonade"

I think I just had an orgasm listening to this. Big Sean KILLS shit.

"Don't worry abt my niggas thur-good, Marshall. Bank account got me feeling well, fargo! Ballin till I get a Mil-a-check, Darko"



I've said it MANY times, I always support people who are on their grind, working for what they want. I've always supported creativity and people who aren't trying to fit the mold that society puts out for us. On Twitter, I've done a lot of networking.

I met this dude, J. Ave. He's an ill artist, comin outta New York. He raps, sings, and produces.

He's got a mixtape coming out soon entitled "Life on my Ave". The first jump from it is called "All Over The Globe". Check him out and let me know what you think.

"All Over the Globe"

"Never Felt This Way"

"Crush On You"

"Crush On You" is my favorite. :)
He's a cool artist and easy on the eyes. How can you go wrong?

Find him on your favorite website...

HIS Myspace

HIS Twitter

Search him on facebook.com under: Jave Ortiz


I received an email from the CEO of Soul Purpose Media. In this email he was stating how "great and full of energy" my site was. Thanks to him. I really appreciate that. He asked for me to shed light on what he does. Below is a video to help you better understand. Click the link.

Soul Purpose Media.

"Soul Purpose Media and Director Goddey Asemota Present Grown Kicks, the defining voice in luxury shoes. Live from from Pedigree shoe gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Director Goddey Asemota and Shoe Ahficionado/Host Deffrei "Frei" Enfermera take a unique look at the luxury sneaker culture. Episode 1 Frei breaks down the Adidas Y3 Herlackjack and how the Converse Chuck Taylor can not compare!"


I think Trey Songz is one of my favorite artists. He does freestyles, club bangers, songs for the ladies, and he doesn't sound like anybody else VOCALLY, in my opinion. Trey has that sound that you can listen and 15 seconds in be like yeah, that's him.

Here's a video/interview with American Press & Trey Songz.

I think trey is right, in the whole sense of songs and it mattering who sings them. Anybody can sing any song and make hits, but it's creative people who do things to give it that hit-making aspect.

But then comes the aspect of....what about the great artists who are slept on? Wale, big Sean, J. Cole, ect? Why are the so powerful lyrically, yet not on the top celebrity status like some?

Tell me what you think.



So, I was over on my homeboy's site and I saw this video.

Now, don't get me wrong...I ADORE Keri Hilson. I love everything about her. Style, vocals, lyrics, alla that.

BUT...why did she wait so long to drop this video? I like the video. It's got a different kind of feel to it, but I just feel like she waited way too long. Her hair's cute, though.

Anyways, run over to one of my favorite sites.


Most blogs already have this posted, but I'm gonna post it simply because I LOVE Big Sean.



Okay, so I don't know much about this, YET. I plan on trying to research and understand it, but some of the people who read my blog already KNOW and have aquired opinions about this Illuminati subject.

Is this real?
Is Jazy-Z a part of it?
Did they kill Michael Jackson?

Tell me what you think.
Lengthy opinions or not. I'm eager to hear what people have to say.


So, some people may have saw this D-liste celeb, Heidi Montag, on the cover of People magazine last week talking about how she was addicted to plastic surgery.

I'm a little confused. Her new message is about finding beauty within, but yet she's getting numerous surgeries? She claims it's something about the limelight/profession that she's in, but wants to find beauty within? Wrong line of work to be in, if you ask me.

I do think that plastic surgeries are probably addicting. It's a rush of nervousness and energy before getting them just like it is with piercings, tattoos, and things like that. That adrenaline rush is what gets people hooked. I have about 15 piercings and I can fully claim that I'm addicted. I have one tattoo, and I can say that I already want more.

So, you tell me...Do you think that plastic surgery is addicting? Do you think that Heidi is doing this for a little more attention? Do you think that her message is even worth listening to? Let me know what you think.


Recently Kelly Rowland has been resurfacing. She was seen in the 50 Cent video, for that wack song. Have a baby by me, blah fuckin blah. yall know what I'm talkin about. Now, she teamed up with Derek Blanks who is a wonderful photographer who does alter ego photos.

Click HERE to view the bigger picture of kelly.

Derek Blanks has done a lot of celebrities with this alter ego effect. He's done monica, Jennifer Hudson, Ameria, Usher, Estelle, Michelle Williams, and MANY more.

To see more of Derek Blanks' work, go to:

One of my favorite picture from Derek Blanks is the alter ego shoot he did with Que of Day26 and Dawn or Dirty Money and from previously Danity Kane.

Click HERE to see the bigger picture of Dawn and Que.

So tell me what you think. Do you like Derek Blanks work and the whole alter ego styling?



So, if you didn't know, Travis Porter is one of the most slept on independent groups out that are actually DOIN SOMETHIN. They got a song called "Go Shorty Go" and it's a BANGIN ass track. This boy from the UK plays the piano and KILLS the song.


Sammie, the little boy hit wonder with the "I like the way you look at me, I like the time we speaannnndd babyy, I like what we have come to be. I like it...." lyrics has been slowly making his way back out. He's been seen with Trey Songz a few times, a few freestyles here and there. I don't check up on him like THAT, but I do know that this mixtape/EP that he dropped is pure CRACK for the R&B type-a-people.

Sammie- It's Time (Full Mixtape)



So, I've seen the preview for this video already and the song leaked a LONNNNNNNNNNNNG ass time ago. I guess the video dropped yesterday. I've already seen it on numerous blogs, but I'll post it here.

Now, I really like the song. it's just catchy to me. I love everything about Keri Hilson. I don't like this video at all, though. I think the intro was wack. Dr. Good? What in the fuck? Anyways, atleast it's not another club scene or somethin wack like that. Keri Hilson is sexy as fuck, though.

Tell me what YOU think.

Oh, one more thing....homegirl at the begining of the video...do her leggings match them pillows on the couch?! I'm just sayin....


So, I was on a roll with my blogging. I had stated that I wanted to blog every day and make an effort to get more traffic through my blog. I had already started putting up other varieties of posts. Less deep posts, music posts, graphics, ect. That seems to be drawing more comments in. Nobody wants to sit and read about what I think ALL the time, so I thought it would be best to just switch my ways up some.

Anyways the reason why I haven't been blogging is because my internet got cut off. What joy right? I know. Anyways, I've got it taken care of and I hope to be back on the blogging scene regularly pretty soon. As of right now, I'm Blackberry blogging :)

I hope you guys like the change I made to the header and song. I wanted a more simple approach to the header, so I thought I'd do that. I've also been seeing blogs with the same type of approach to graphics, so I'm working on switching my style up. I don't want to see the dame bullshit everywhere because that's annoying.

Another thing, I've decided to start giving air time to some artists who are up-an-coming and some who are just really hot that I've met on the internet. I meet alotta people via myspace, twitter, and blogspot so I'd just like to share some of the good music I come across. So be looking for that. I'd like for you guys to drop feedback and such when I do that. Its for promotion of my blog, but also for the artist.

If you are a photographer, producer, rapper, singer, blogger, or you think you have any reason to be put on my blog, just let me know. Ill do interview, post your links, ect. Anything to get you some exposure. IF you're looking to get in touch with me for this, please email me at: audrey@iamfeedmekicks.com

anyways, look for me to be up and running again soon.



I'm all about normalcy. I like having the same schedule, eating the same thing for breakfast everyday, and having the same people around me. I don't like being thrown into a situation where I don't know what's going to happen. Bein thrown into situations like that causes confusion and uncertainty. To me, those types of feelings aren't happy, fun, or even exciting.

So what I'm trying to understand is how unstable people can be unstable and be okay with it.

Do they realize the way they are? Do they care? Why wouldn't they change their ways if they did care?
All of these above questions are true. now look at it from a different view. Some people live for the moment, whether it be crazy or not. To them this drastic change all the time is ffun and exciting, exhilarating almost. People like this don't mind being in many different situations, never knowing what to be sure about.



Just before I started typing this blog, I realized I don't know her first name....This might be a problem.

Anywho, I received a blog award from a very lovely blogger. There's all these things you have to do when you get the award or whatever, and I kinda am too lazy to do alla that, so I decided I would just make a post and dedicate it to the person who gave me the award. I went through some of the other blogs that she awarded and I was excited that she would put me in such a category with all these other amazing bloggers. SO, along with getting an award, I also gained some new reads to follow.

First off, I just met her. She's uber cool and her blog is one of the coolest I've ran across. I feel like a fucking idiot because I don't know her real name, but we are supposed to be twitter twins. #wheredeydodatat?

Thank you http://www.supastarrrsays.com/

Go read her blog, you guys. It's quite amazing.


Love is a crazy emotion and sometimes people get sucked into what love should be and what it shouldn't be, never taking time to actually enjoy the feelings they get.

Music is something that can bring you to tears if you love it THAT much. Love can make you feel so many different emotions. I think if you really have a passion for music, whether you're an aspiring artist, writer, into photography, making beats, and/or just a listener. You can recognize the words and emotions that people put in music because we ALL live lives and we ALL go through fucked up, happy, exciting things in life. There's an emotion for everything and there's a song for every situation.

[EDIT]SO, the video wouldn't cooperate. I had to take it off, but i will leave you with a picture and the download link to the song. :) [/EDIT]

"One Love"

Now I know this song isn't new, BUT I love this song. It's one of those songs that I can have on replay for HOURS and the words still touch me. Anyways, enough of the sappiness....Trey Songz is one FINE piece of man.



As much as I don't like Mariah Carey's music these days, and how I'm not really a Minaj groupie/barbie, this song isn't bad at all.

I guess Mariah is rereleasing her album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" this February and this track will be on it.

It's called "Up Out My Face". tell me what you think.

"Up Out My Face"

Nicki is jumpin on god damn everything.



This post will be short since I'm a little preoccupied with this dumb ass iTouch.

How do you go about figuring if you can trust somebody or not? Like....what qualities does a person have to have for you to trust them? How can you decide if they need "second chances" if they betray your trust the first time?

It's funny how people who have done you the most wrong/grimey are the ones we accept first. We give them second chances and aren't even afraid of letting them get that opportunity to do it again.

Anyways, this is short. If you have any advice/comments on ths subject, drop em in the comment box.



So, as you may know Trina has been TRYING to poke her head back up into the game. Lemme give you the low down on the post, and then I'll throw my opinion in the end.

Trina and Lady Gaga got a track called "Let Them Hoes Fight".
Here's the link. Listen and lemme know what you think.

"Let Them Hoes Fight"

Personally, I think it's a good look for her to get a track with a name that's hot right now so that she can get back out into the game. If anybody could help her, Lady Gaga would be the one. I think the song is wack, to me.

Trina also dropped a video for one of her other songs, "That's My Attitude". I don't think she's in her element anymore. If she's not talking about havin an ass like the sun, a dick still inside, or some other derogatory shit like that...she's lost.

I think she's got competition in the female rap game with Nicki Minaj and I think that Minaj has all the "barbies" under control. There's no room for Trina.

Another thing...back during the "5 Star Chick (remix)" days, I thought Nicki was taking shots at Trina via her verse. "Ask lil' wayne who the five star bitch is" kinda sounds like it could just be her reppin Young Money...OR possibly a low blow to the Lil Wayne ex, Trina....Lemme know what you think.



This video...just from LOOKING at the making of, makes me tear up. It's crazy because this is my favorite track on both the "ready" album and the "anticipation" mixtape. I think the song is wonderful, but I never imagined THIS coming out of it. I thought it would be another ladies banger and it would be another video pointed towards the ladies, if Trey even decided to MAKE a video to this song.

I think it's very emotional to see artists play out REAL LIFE occurring events. It takes a lot to step out of the normal mold that society has given us about hip hop/r&b artists and run with it.

Anyways, I really love Keri Hilson and Trey Songz to begin with and then for them to take the video to this extent makes me excited.

Big shouts to Pat over at dopescience.blogspot.com for posting this video first.


So, I got this homeboy. He's mad cool and shit. He raps too.
Check out my homie Ice and tell me what you think about these tracks. I think it's good shit. I like his flow. ANDDDD, he's cute. :)

Anyways, realness now....Download his tracks that I've got linked below and tell me what you think. Leave your opinions in the comment box below OR tell him what you think yourself. I'll drop his links.

"Da Prince"

"Roll Wit A Rockstar"

Check homie out at the below links:





Okay so, I'm not one to usually get all in the next person's personal relationship business and shit like that, but there's a few things I've been noticing lately.

I know a lot of people that jump from interest to interest and I don't see how people can do it. How can you spend 3 days straight talking/hanging out/getting to know ONE person and then all of a sudden not be interested or just cut off all ties? How can you cut off all ties with one person and move right to the NEXT almost simultaneously?

It's almost as if these people need somebody around. They NEED to feel some kind of attention and shit. I mean, the first stages of talking to somebody are always usually interesting. Why wouldn't it be nice getting to know somebody new and whatnot? But it irks me because there's people that are CONSTANTLY into something new. Like why? How does that help you or even the other person?

There's people who just "talk" to numerous people, not at a time, but like one after the other, and then there's people that "fall in love" with people right after each other. That's another story. To a point it's just dramatic and wanting attention, but when I think about it....do those people REALLY feel like they are in love? Do their partners REALLY think that it's love? Do their partners see how fast and quickly this person moves around?

I dunno, when you're the person on the outside lookin in, it's so noticeable.



Sometimes it takes you mistakes to realize good things. If you go to sleep every night thinking about one person and overlook the mishaps you've had with them, what does that mean? Does that mean you're trying to understand them better? That you're into them? That you want to build something with them?

But what if you don't think that person feels the same way? That person aint checkin their phone to see if you've called or even actin like they're interested. What if its just ME thinking that? What if I'm looking too deeply into it? I tend to do that sometimes, but I'm just tryin to look out for myself.

There's this 1 person that I know. I wish I could understand them to the full extent. This person is so interesting. The way they're mind works is crazy to me. Its so intriguing. I love the feeling I get talking to them just because even though it seems to negative, the negative energy is there because they are subsequently trying to reach positive things.

It all makes sense as why I'm attracted to this persons presence but I don't want to thrive off of someone who doesn't want to do the same. Make sense?



School starts back up tomorrow. I go to a trimester college, so my breaks from school are shorter, the work is piled on more heavily, and the semesters are shorter than other colleges. I'm already in my second semester. In the middle of it actually. Most people are on break, when they return it will be their second semester.

Anyways, I know I was just sliding by in the beginning of this semester. I want to make everything better with this second part. I have to pay attention, do work outside of class, and actually study. I always put it off and I can really tell.

Math is a hard subject to grasp for me. Put anything English or writing related and I will KILL it, but give me some math problems and I'll stumble all over that shit. I just need to work a little more harder at what I'm doing. I know this.



Today, I woke up and was thinking about how funny people act when they NEED you, and as soon as they get what they want you never hear from them again. I struggle with things like this because I always give people the benefit of the doubt. I always think someone is being genuine and that they have good intentions. Most of the time people don't. While I was thinking about this, i decided to look at my daily horoscope. This is what it says for today:

A true friend never comes disguised as an enemy. Even under the pretense of trying to educate, or inspire, or instigate positive change. Someone you know and value as a friend may be an adversary in sheep's clothing. Be wary of what this person tells you because there could be an agenda you know nothing about. Take whatever this person offers at face value, even if you don't want to show that you are suspicious. Meanwhile, value the truly good friends you have, for you are lucky to have quite a few."

This really made sense to what I've been going through lately. You can't believe ANYONE. You can't believe hours of conversation, supposed truths, and promises. It hurts to have to think like this. You can't even find a real person in the world that actually cares.



Today was a plain day. Woke up, was bored, and then went to work. Work was cool, ect ect. Then I got home. I got a BBM from someone I didn't know. He was telling me he liked my default picture and whatnot. I said thank you and then he proceeded to tell me that "Flattery gets you everywhere", I replied "Everywhere with you, or everywhere in life?". Then I realized....flattery DOES get you everywhere.

I thought about it. That's true. Flattery is one of the reasons why people become couples, why some people manage dates, how people end up falling for games, and how people move up in companies. Lol. All of the above reasonings ARE true. Think about it. Then i looked at my life. People try to flatter me often. Or maybe it's not really flattery, it's true, but I don't believe it, so I make it out to be flattery? If that makes sense.

Anyways, just thinking about this makes me realize how people are and how people can be.


FIRST OF 2010.

I been feelin some type of way lately. I dunno whats going on really. Things are just....weird.

I plan to start blogging everyday to get and keep in the habit. I'm gonna be making this a .com soon, so I shall use it to my full potential!

Anyways, I had a fun night last night. I didn't go out and party or nothin, but I did catch up with a friend I haven't chilled with in a while. Talked, watched movies, and played the wii. Life of teenage girls, right?

(I know this is a short post. I'm just pissed at this new blackberry right now)